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Charles Kirkland – Clickbank Super Affiliate Guide

Charles Kirkland - Clickbank Super Affiliate GuideCharles Kirkland – Clickbank Super Affiliate Guide
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“What Does It Take to Become a Super Affiliate?”
I want to share with you what really works and leave all of the BS out. If you are looking for some get rich quick crap that is all theory, this is not it.
What does it take to be a Super Affiliate?
When it comes to making more money, you need to only focus on 3 simple things!
Discover how these 3 things will control all your income. If you get off track from these 3 simple things, you will be running around like a Chihuahua on crack buying every Guru product that will fit on your credit card.
Step 1: Know Your Worth
To build a real business online you need to have a team in place that will do the work for you. That is the only way to break
free from your business so you can enjoy life. Let me show you how to build your team right from the start!
My video will show you:
*How to figure out what you are worth per hour and put a dollar amount to every task you do.
* Learn how to calculate your outsource threshold. If you are doing any task that is worth more than this, keep doing it. If
you find any task that falls below this threshold, then outsource it.
* Discover my simple formula for making $100K each year. This formula will allow you to have more time off and make more money.
* Why you need to make a Quantum Leap in your thinking if you ever want to make 6 or 7 figures online (this is the biggest thing I believe that is holding most people back).
STEP 2: Find Quality Traffic Sources
When it comes to making fat affiliate commissions, you must have traffic and lots of it.
I’m going to show you how to find the most profitable traffic sources first before you ever think about a niche:
*Why you need to have traffic that is scalable so you can scale your profits as well (most traffic sources actually limit your income, and I’ll show you how to avoid these).
* Discover why most traffic sources only work for a short time and what you need to do in order to make sure your traffic source never goes stale.
* How to use my Sherlock traffic method to find traffic sources.
*My favorite sources of traffic that are 100% scalable. These traffic sources will work with PPV, CPV, PPC, banners, banner re-targeting, and even solo email drops.
Step 3: Pre-sell or Squeeze Pages
Another crucial step in becoming a Super Affiliate is to know when you need to use a pre-sell page or a squeeze page. Not every offer works with squeeze or pre-sell pages.
My video will show you:
* Why you should NEVER direct link to any offer!
* How to DISSECT a 7 figure pre-sell page so you can copy all the work.
* When a squeeze page will cut your initial profits in half, and when to use a pre-sell page instead.
* The 2 squeeze pages that I use and why you will be shocked when you find which one gets the most leads.
* Why most people doing media buys don’t understand what to do after someone opts in to their list. I’m going to give you my proven mailing schedule that will allow you to get the most money possible from your list in the shortest amount of time.
* Discover why you have to split test everything and how these little changes will add up to big bucks.
So here’s the deal:
With all of the different products and courses out there, I’m sure you’re a bit skeptical of everything I’ve said in this WSO. I don’t blame you.
With all the other junk products being promoted, you’ve got to choose what you do very wisely. That’s why I am going to offer
you the boldest money-back guarantee I can.
“Rock Your World, Or Cost You Nothing” 100% Money-Back Guarantee!”

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