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CPA Tsunami

CPA Tsunami
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Sec 01 – CPA Networks- Past, Present & Future: Traffic Sourcing & much more!
– 43 min
Sec 02 – Offer Creation: How to start creating your offer, building assets, writing copy, choosing imagery, & WAY more:
– 102 min
Sec 03 – Landing Pages: How your landing pages should be created. What each page looks like, and BIG TIME detail on RFT pages. Over 2 HOURS!
– 128 min
Sec 04 – Decoy Method: Simple, Direct and to the point. How to use Decoy offers to increase customer value by 500% or more!
– 12 min
Sec 05 – Value Trojans: Rethink your entire business in 30 minutes! Use Micro payments and VALUE to create huge residual income!
– 34 min
Sec 06 – Upsells: The Holy Grail for internet marketers. Why informercials can offer the “Ab machine” for only $14 and still make money and how you can use these techniques!
– 90 min
Sec 07 – Customer Relations/Follow Up Messaging: The big eye opener for a lot of Mikes clients. Explore how follow up can earn lifetime revenues!
– 99 min
Sec 08 – Continuity Programs: Specifics on continuity, but covered throught the entire program:
– 23 min
Sec 09 – Retention: How to keep those customer in Longer, for More money, and greater success! Specifics on how to put a retention program in place:
– 80 min
Sec 10 – Product Packaging: What to put into “The Box”, or digital Box. Great specific things you can implement on a dime!
– 43 min
Sec 11 – Customer Support: How to handle customer support. What you should say, how you should react, and what you should have in place first!
– 46 min
Sec 12 – Fulfillment: Fullfillment centers to use, what it means, and why the new move to combo centers is going to mean you NEVER have to touch a product EVER!
– 23 min
Sec 13 – Split Testing: How to split test your offer for maximum return and increased conversion for you and your affiliates. MUST watch!
– 56 min
Sec 14 – Tracking: What to track, what Key Performance Indicators are. How to avoid being bitten by bad affiliates and SO much more. (a huge lifesaver)
– 69 min
Sec 15 – Automation: What you can and should be automating in your business. Tech, people, routines
– 29 min
Sec 16 – CPA Negotiations: How to get your way in the door. What to say to be viewed seriously, and why the tone of your voice even mattters!
– 32 min
Sec 17 – Creative: Why constantly changing creative can be the life or death of your campagn. Too many think its a bad offfer, when its just bad creative
– 26 min
Sec 18 – Mistakes & Pitfalls: The unfortunate and most common mistakes made when building your business and how you can avoid them all! PLEASE WATCH THIS WHOLE SECTION IF NOTHING ELSE. IT IS WORTH MILLIONS!
– 44 min
Sec 19 – Merchant Accounts: A great introduction to the world of merchant relations. What to say, what not to say, and how you can get more from them
– 15 min
***NOTE: missing files 17-22, sections 14-20***

CPA Tsunami Contains: Video, PDF´s
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