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Frank Scoblete – Golden Touch Craps

Frank Scoblete – Golden Touch Craps
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Learn the techniques on how to effectively throw dice and win big at the craps casinos! Visit the link for more info!!

Learn the Golden Touch!

NEW, PROFESSIONAL DVD to Help You Get the Edge Over the House

If you have bought our wonderful new craps tables, you are well aware of the quality of the products GTC produces.

Our brand new two-disc GTC DVD is now ready. The Golden Touch™ Dice Control DVD is a superior, professional product in every way. It is two discs of information and it is loaded with visuals.

There are over 200 shots shown in the DVD from all angles – front, side, back, tabletop; plus landings, bounces, back-wall hits. There is also excellent slow motion footage too so you can actually see how the dice hit the back wall and land. Some shots go right into the camera from head on. Wow!

Dominator was divine (a hint: he was so good that no one will believe what he did – except we had nine witnesses to it thankfully and also filmed it); Bill Burton was miraculous; Stickman was his usual great self in his new disguise and Frank Scoblete wasn’t too bad either. You will see their shots from every angle. From start to finish. Also complete statistics of their throws.

We did not edit any shots – you’ll see an actual practice session with dozens of shots. Plus all the shots throughout the rest of the DVD. This is a professional DVD – not a homemade one.

Frank Scoblete – Golden Touch Craps Contains: Video, PDF´s
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