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John Carter – Electronic AGS Trading Workshop

John Carter – Electronic AGS Trading Workshop
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Author: John Carter
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Although the stock index futures have been both John Carter and Hubert Senters’ market of choice to trade for a long time, ever since the grain markets went electronic in August, 2006 they have started trading these (the “Ags”) actively.

The best Ags session to trade is when the pit is open from 9:30 a.m. to 1:15 p.m. CST. The electronic contracts trade side by side with the pit contracts during this time. Because of the small time window, there are many strong breakout and breakdown moves for a trader to take advantage of. While the first 30 minutes provides a great “break” trade of the sessions highs or lows, the 1:15 p.m. close also creates a lot of trading opportunities as traders are forced to cover their postions and go flat. “If there were only 2 markets I could trade,” John said recently, “It would be stock index futures and Ags.”

The Ag markets provide additional trading opportunities when the stock indexes are choppy and quiet. In addition, some traders naturally do better in markets that are momentum markets-buying new highs and selling new lows. This strategy will hurt you in the stock index futures, which is more of a fading market. (Fading meaning that new lows are bought and not shorted, etc).

This DVD set was filmed over a 2 day live seminar at the Chicago Board of Trade.
What is Covered in the Electronic Ags Trading Workshop:
Basics of the Ags Markets
John’s Favorite Setups
Learn how to trade on the floor of the grain pits
Hubert’s Market Profile Setups
Pat’s Grain Scalping Setups
Plus Tons More.

Electronic AGS Trading Workshop: Videos, PDF´s, Template
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