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Justin Painter – Dropshipping Mastery 2.0

Justin Painter – Dropshipping Mastery 2.0
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You Just Pay: $89.95 (One Time – 85% OFF)
Author:_Justin Painter
Sale Page:_https://dropshipping-mastery-course.teachable.com/p/6-figure-dropshipping-mastery-course
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Inside of this program, you are going to be taken step-by-step through the exact blueprint that I use to build every single one of my stores, how I find products that I know will make me a minimum of $10K/MONTH, how to market those products successfully, & how to maintain and scale every single store. Also once you get inside the program you will be able to watch me build a brand new store from complete scratch and take the store from $0 to $70,000 in 30 days. No information will be held back, everything that I know about dropshipping will be revealed to you inside this program.
Bonuses You Will Get Once Enrolled In Program
Personal Guidance From Myself
1 on 1 Consultations
2 Winning Products Every Month Sent To Your Email
Access To Ask Me Any Questions 24/7
Start From Scratch To Generate Sales
Set Up Your Shopify Store In The Most Visually Appealing Trustworthy Way
How To Find & Source Products That Are GUARANTEED To Sell (Minimum $10K/MONTH Products)
The Best Marketing Strategies To Bring In $1,000’s PER DAY To Your Dropshipping Store
Apps That I Use To TRIPLE My Sales
All The Tactics That I Use To Build Urgency & Reduce Cart Abandonment
How To Increase Order Value & Retain Customers
How To Properly Build Your Stores Instagram Page
How To Scale From $100/Day To $1,000/Day & Beyond With Instagram
MASTER Instagram Influencer Marketing
FULL In Depth Facebook Ads Guide
How To Find Instagram Influencers That’ll Make You $1,000’s A DAY
Drive MASSIVE Amounts of Traffic From Instagram To Your Store Through Engaging Instagram Ads
How To SELL Your Store For $1,000 – $50,000+
Personal Influencer Marketing
FULLY In Depth YouTube Influencer Marketing
Learn Everything About Facebook Ads
Why Learn From Me?
Take a look for yourself, here are some of my personal results over the past few months.
Shopify Stores I Have Sold In The Past Few Months
Student Results
Take a look at the results that the program has already done for my students
Bonuses You Will Get Once Enrolled In Program
Personal Guidance From Myself
1 on 1 Consultations
2 Winning Products Every Month Sent To Your Email
Access To Ask Me Any Questions 24/7
Course Curriculum
Introduction Video (DM me on Instagram @ecomjustin for access to bonuses) (1:31)
#1 Tip Before You Start (1:46)
Essentials of Dropshipping
Picking A Niche (1:21)
(METHOD #1) How To Find Products GUARANTEED To Sell (8:07)
(METHOD #2) How To Find Products GUARANTEED To Sell (2:16)
(METHOD #3) How To Find Winning Products GUARANTEED To Sell (9:01)
*NEW STRATEGY* How To Find Winning Products (4:54)
How To Find & Make WINNING Ad Sets (3:37)
Finding RELIABLE Suppliers On AliExpress (3:37)
How To Get 4-7 DAY Shipping On Aliexpress (2:30)
Picking Your Stores Name (4:15)
Getting A Logo For Your Store (2:53)
Building Your Store
Setting Up Your Facebook Pixel (4:14)
How To PROPERLY Add Products To Your Store (3:34)
Naming Your Products The RIGHT WAY (4:16)
How To Price Your Products (5:06)
How To Make A GOOD Product Description (3:57)
Finding HIGH QUALITY Photos For Your Store (8:20)
Which Shopify Plan Should You Pick (1:08)
Apps You NEED For Your Store | https://imgur.com/gallery/o2cuukl (9:39)
Installing Aftership on Your Store (2:59)
Finding Reviews For Loox (7:07)
Building Your Store From Scratch (23:40)
Getting Your Settings Correct For Your Store (4:36)
Getting The PERFECT Domain (2:57)
Instagram / Marketing
Setting Up Your Stores Instagram Page (15:50)
EFFECTIVE Offers To Use For Marketing (2:08)
How To Find GOOD Influencers | https://goo.gl/J5TrjY | https://gumroad.com/products/QucYL (11:51)
How To EFFECTIVELY Contact Influencers (4:18)
What You Should Expect To Pay Influencers (3:34)
The PERFECT Sales Funnel For Your Instagram Influencer Ads (4:37)
How To Set Up A Influencer Shout Out (1:39)
Should You Do A Feed or Story Post? (1:21)
Best Time To Post An Ad (2:01)
Keeping Sales Consistent With Influencers + Automating Them (3:31)
Scaling With Instagram Influencers (3:55)
Instagram Personal Influencer Marketing Overview (11:22)
How To Easily Find Profitable Personal Influencers (2:38)
YouTube Influencers
How To Find YT Influencers For Your Niche (3:38)
How To Determine If A YT Channel Is GOOD For Advertising On (5:41)
YT Channels You Want To AVOID Running Ads On (2:05)
Effectively Contacting YT Influencers (1:50)
How To Effectively Run YT Influencer Ads (9:11)
Scaling With YT Influencers (4:47)
Facebook Ads
Facebook Ads FULL In Depth Strategy (0:57)
Setting Up Your Columns CORRECTLY (4:44)
Retargeting Ads & Lookalike Audiences (7:07)
Daily Budgets & Scaling Your Ads (1:24)
Creating Your First Ad (10:53)
Issues You’ll Run Into & How To Solve Them
Dealing With Taxes (6:24)
Card Issues When Fulfilling Orders (2:07)
When Do You Need An LLC (1:29)
How & Where To Create An LLC (8:41)
When To Hire A Virtual Assistant (1:44)
How & Where To Hire A Virtual Assistant (8:11)
Selling Your Store
When To Sell Your Store (3:20)
How To Sell Your Store (4:44)
How To Make A Good Listing (11:23)
Determining The Price For Your Store (1:48)
After You List Your Store Now What? (1:30)
$0-$70,000 Series
How This Series Will Be Structured (1:17)
Advertising Strategy (1:27)
Setting Up Our 1st Ads (2:52)
Launch of Store (1st Day Results) (2:08)
Keeping Sales Consistent (3rd Day Results) (2:38)
Time To Scale (7th Day Results) (2:17)
Checking On Our Results (20th Day Results) (2:28)
Final Results (30th Day Results) (4:29)
Selling Our Store (1:57)
Outro (1:12)
Your Instructor
Justin Painter
Justin Painter began his journey with dropshipping over a year ago. Today he now owns multiple 5-6 figure per month E-Commerce stores! He also is now a successful educated marketer who currently owns businesses in Marketing, Consulting, & E-Commerce.The Psychology Of Clicking "Buy Now"

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