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Michael Hall – Accelerated Learning

Michael Hall – Accelerated Learning
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Meta-Learning: Learning About Learning


L. Michael Hall, Ph.D. & Bobby G. Bodenhamer, D.Min.

* Do you know how to grab a book and suck all of the learnings and vital information out of it?
* Would you like to learn the Art of Absorbing Ideas from Books and Trainings?
* Does Book Learning or High Level Concepts turn you Off or On?
* How Ferocious or Effective are you as a Learner?
* How does this effect your earnings, sales, career, relationship, understandings, etc.?
* Would you like to learn like the experts learn?

When you Learn How to Really Learn

* You cut your learning curve for new knowledge in half or a fourth.
* You experience the joy & delight of learning itself
* You activate the Skills of Accelerated Learning
* You learn quicker, more thoroughly, and more permanently.
* This increases your effectiveness, your intelligence, your creativity, and your problem solving skills
* You become a ferocious or passionate learner that doesn’t back off from following your Dreams and Making your Visions come true
* You eliminate those blocks and limitations that have been sabotaging your own natural brilliance.

And then … from that you can expect to —

* Make more money and increase your wealth
* Make Smarter Business and Personal Decisions
* Use your God-Given Intelligence for More insight
* Experience richer and fuller relationships
* Solve problems in half the time
* Access the strategy of Wisdom

Michael Hall – Accelerated Learning Contains: Video, PDF´s
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