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Nicki Hart – Fundamentals of Print Design

Nicki Hart – Fundamentals of Print Design
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Author: Nicki Hart
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More good stuff from Nicki Hart from Tutsplus. If print for your online or offline clients is a possibility, this is a painless way to grasp the fundamentals. 70% reduction thanks to the Magic Shrink Ray(tm). Thanks to the usual suspects for the find.RECOMMENDED

Time to take your designs from the screen to the printed page? In Fundamentals of Print Design, Nicki Hart of DesignLikeAPro is here to help you understand how to craft an effective design for the page. From design concept to pre-press, you’ll get a grasp on design concerns particular to print, preparing a usable concept, and get started creating your first brochure project in InDesign.

Introduction 9m 12s
Course Overview 36s
Designing for Print Media Versus Other Media 4m 31s
Print Examples 4m 5s

Foundation 32m 36s
Overview 1m 16s
Elements of Design 11m 34s
Principles of Design 15m
Overcoming Common Design Mistakes 4m 46s

InDesign Basics 41m 2s
Indesign Overview 1m 42s
Setting up the Document 9m 10s
Grids & Guides 8m 6s
Custom Workspaces & Palettes 7m 48s
Working with Master Pages 7m 48s
Linking Content 6m 28s

First Project: Brochure 49m 6s
Project Overview 1m 28s
Breaking up the Content 3m 51s
Layout & Composition 11m 17s
Course Project: Brochure Part One 21m 1s
Course Project: Brochure Part Two 11m 29s

Developing a Design 43m 3s
Color 9m 57s
Typography 9m 56s
Images 5m 22s
Lines & Shapes 9m 23s
Effects 8m 25s

Conclusion 22m 27s
Final Formatting: Preflight 5m 50s
PDF Presets 14m 30s
How to Apply New Skills to Any Print Project 2m 7s

Nicki Hart – Fundamentals of Print Design: Video, PDF´s
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