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Sarah Doody – UX Portfolio Formula

Sarah Doody – UX Portfolio Formula
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Enroll in UX Portfolio Formula today & get an additional $250+ in value for free.
$1,500,000 … that’s the combined salaries of people hired in 2020 who enrolled in The UX Portfolio Formula.

Create An Effective UX Portfolio & Level Up Your Career
A UX portfolio course to help you write better case studies, stand out to recruiters, and get a role you love.

Struggling to finish your UX portfolio and prepare for job interviews?
Not sure how to write a UX case study and tell the story of each projects?
Do you keep applying for roles and not get invited for interviews?
Did you do a UX bootcamp that did not deliver on helping you get hired?
Been in UX for a while, and can’t figure out exactly which projects to include?
Stuck in research mode and not actually working on your portfolio?
Are you not applying for roles because you’re embarrassed by your portfolio?

Do Any of these sound like you …
You want to get your first UX role, but it’s hard without experience.
You’re coming to UX from another industry and want to see how you can leverage your past experience.
You’ve been in UX for years and struggle to distill what you’ve done and define who you are.
You’re a user researcher and struggle to showcase projects in a visual way.
You graduated from a bootcamp that offered UX job search mentorship, but didn’t deliver.
You’re not sure where you fit in the world of UX … so many roles and you don’t know which is right for you.

“I’m joining Home Depot’s UX team! Huge thanks to this community.”
– Abriel, UX Designer (October 2018)
Write UX case studies
Write clear and concise stories about each project.
Design your portfolio
Layout your projects visually with the perfect balance of text.
Be ready for job interviews
Be confident to present your portfolio and tackle design challenges.

Ditch the overwhelm. finish your UX portfolio in 4 weeks
The UX Portfolio Formula is a self paced online course to help you get clarity on your career, write proper case studies, create a portfolio, and prepare for your job search and interviews.
25 lessons that teach you what to do and actually how to do it.
on your schedule
Do it at your pace. Access it forever with free updates.
Connect with our global network of 1,500+ alumni.
The Clarity Method
Identify what you do and create your career roadmap
First, you need a vision for your career and clarity about your skills and who you are as a UX professional. Because you can’t select the right projects for your portfolio until you have a career roadmap in place.

Understand the users of your UX portfolio
Identify your career roadmap
Conduct your 3-part skills assessment
Create your Career Compass Statement
Select the right projects for your portfolio
How to deal with NDAs
How to get more UX experience

The Case Study Cure
Write case studies that tell a story and keep the reader’s attention
You can’t “design” your portfolio until you know the content you are designing. And this is why you will write your projects first. This process forces you to focus on the content first, the most important part of your portfolio. Bad content will not help you get interviews.

Why case studies matter
The 7 part case study formula
The 3 steps to write your case studies
Outlining the story of each project
Understanding what details matter to the reader

The Design Strategy
Structure and layout your portfolio in a readable and scanner manner
The design of your portfolio matters, and even if you aren’t a visual design, you can still have a professional looking portfolio. It’s about understanding how to find the balance of text and images, layout your content, and create a scannable portfolio.

The 3 sections of your UX portfolio
Writing the “Work” section of your portfolio
How to make non-visual projects visual
How to tailor your portfolio for each role you apply to
How to layout your portfolio

Beyond The Portfolio
Your portfolio is what gets you in the door, the interview is what gets you hired
Your portfolio is only the beginning. It’s one thing to have your portfolio finished, it’s another to know how to talk about it in interviews. It’s a communication tool, not a script. Once your portfolio is finished, it’s time to consider your strategy for the job search and interviews.

UX Job Search 101
Understanding the interview process
How to present your projects in an interview
Do you need a separate portfolio for interviews

Everything in The UX Portfolio Formula was designed to help you create your portfolio and get hired faster
Learn at your own pace
There’s no start or end date, so learn on your own schedule. Each module builds on the next and breaks each step into easy action items. Do it a bit day by day binge it Netflix style in a weekend.
Computer screen showing UX Portfolio Formula curriculum and an example of a lecture video
UX Portfolio Checklist & Scorecard
This UX Portfolio Checklist & Scorecard has 55 questions to help you make sure you don’t miss a single detail in your UX portfolio.
Mini Course: The 10 Principles of Visual Design
Learn timeless visual design principles such as typography, whitespace, color, and more so you can layout and design your UX portfolio.
Live Office Hours With Sarah
Ask Sarah your questions in monthly live office hours. Get feedback about your portfolio, ask questions about interviews, and more
Screenshot of Sarah Doody teaching a video lecture.
UX Portfolio Website Template
A free UX portfolio website template to help take the stress out of creating an effective portfolio. Includes key pages such as:

Project Detail Page
About Page

Connect & Network With Our 1,500 + Alumni Community
Connect with other UX folks who are laser focused on leveling up their careers. Stop creating your UX portfolio and navigating the job search in a silo.
Screenshot of the Facebook group for UX Portfolio Formula
Plus get these 3 free bonuses when you enroll in the VIP Bundle
UX Portfolio Template bundle for Keynote & PPT
This bundle of 4 templates for Keynote and PowerPoint will help you create your UX portfolio 10 times faster and finally have a portfolio you’re proud of.
UX Job Interview Prep In A Weekend
Be ready to act your UX job interviews. Confidently go into interviews knowing how to present your UX projects and answer interview questions.
Mock UX Project Brief For
Whether you’re a user researcher, visual designer, experience designer, or something else, you’ll be able to generate at least 3 projects for your UX portfolio.
What Makes UX Portfolio Formula Different?
Support at every step of the way, unlike other programs who promise support, but don’t follow through.
No non-sense teaching style. No sugar coating here, because what you need is brutal honesty, not feel good content.
100% action focused. You don’t need more information, that’s the problem! You need an action plan, this is it.
A safe space to connect. Our community of over 1,500 provides support, advice, and networking
Totally based on research. Everything taught is based on research and what UX hiring managers are looking for
You get what you pay for. Yes there are programs for $29, don’t be surprised if you’re underwhelmed. Just sayin …The Psychology Of Clicking "Buy Now"

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