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Sedona Method Release Technique – Volume 2

Sedona Method Release Technique – Volume 2
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This is Volume 2 of the original Sedona Method Home Study Course. Volume 2 contains the final 4 sessions, and you should’ve worked on Volume 1 before attempting Volume 2.

Here you will learn to let go of the three Wants: Wanting for Approval, Wanting for Control, Wanting for Security.

The three Wants underlie all the feelings, and by releasing the Wants, constellation of feelings are released.

This is the best self help method out there. It will help any aspect of your life(Financial, Health, Relationship, and just general well being and feeling better than you could have ever imagined!) It’s completely changed my life. Whether you have any experience with “Releasing” or not, this program is for you.

It’s the original program that Lester Levenson created to teach people to “go free” and have, be, or do whatever they want with NO LIMITATIONS!!!!

It’s freaking simple! Lester believed in making things simple and this program is it. This is the original program that got divided into two different ones after Lester’s death(The Sedona Method, And, The Release Technique”.) I believe those programs are great as well but I think the simplicity of this one far surpasses those.

Watch and learn as random people learn to “Release” and improve their lives with simplicity and quickness that no other method comes even close to.

Go from a feeling of intense fear to a feeling of intense peace. Go from a feeling of grief to a feeling of joy.

Sedona Method Release Technique – Volume 2: Video, PDF´s
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