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The Virtual Investor’s Guide to Out of State Rental Property

The Virtual Investor’s Guide to Out of State Rental Property
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The Psychology Of Clicking "Buy Now"

Own rentals anywhere. Never see them.
Here’s how we’re gonna do this:
This course is for anyone who wants to confidently invest in rental property anywhere in the U.S. 100% remotely. It works for out of state AND local properties. Don’t waste your time with flights, drives, viewings, DIY remodels, and pointless meetings. Just get deals.
We prepare you in 3 phases:
1. Talk the talk. We cover the fundamentals of rental property & the principles of our very own investment strategy in a manner that’s beginner friendly, but technical enough to be valuable to more experienced investors.
2. The remote revolution. A primer on investing virtually, so you can understand its value, kick the scaries, and see why real estate investing will never be the same.
3. Walk the walk. A multi hour, formulaic process that we’ve developed over 5 years and 400+ done deals. You’ll learn how to set criteria, pick a market, finance a property, acquire deals, and use a property manager to do it all from from desk.
None of that “no money, to the moon” nonsense. This is a system, and you will finish this program prepared to execute.
This is Your Step by Step Manual
To Buying Rental Property.. Anywhere.. Sight Unseen
What will you get:
1. Welcome.. To The Virtual Investors Guide
2. Module 1: Talk the Talk
3. Module 2: Virtual Investing 101
4. Module 3: Let’s Buy Some Property
5. Module 3.1 Define Your Criteria
6. Module 3.2: Select a Market
7. Module 3.3: Finding a Lender
8. Module 3.4: Acquisition
9. Module 3.5: Property Management
10. You’re Ready.The Psychology Of Clicking "Buy Now"

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