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Triforcetrader – Triforce Training Part 2 (2020)

Triforcetrader – Triforce Training Part 2

Triforcetrader – Triforce Training Part 2
Original Price:$3,000
You Just Pay:$359.95 (One Time 88% OFF)
Sale Page:_https://www.triforcetrader.com/courses/triforce-training-part-2
Product Delivery : You will receive a receipt with download link through email.
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Triforce Training Part 2P is where we will transitions the class from basic skills, into quantitive analysis. We will take a deep dive into many concepts of quantitive analysis, using a broad spectrum of tools such as Excel, Python, and Tradestation.

Quick Breakdown

  • This is an 60+ hour course with homework
  • You will need Python, Tradestation, and Excel
  • Homework is graded and looked over by Tri
  • Foundational Course In Quantitive Analysis
  • Includes Quant Trading 101
  • Private Discord Chat Just For Training Members
  • Weekly Meetings Every Sunday
  • Comes with another piece of on Demand Content Called “Quant Trading 101” [7 hours].
  • How to write code, test code, validate strategies, and much much more

Course curriculum
01 The Legal Stuff

02 What You Will Need For This Class And Helpful Guides

03 Basic Information

04 Basics Of Tradestation

05 Tradestation Coding

06 Basics Of Python

07 Python In Finance

08 Build Alpha

09 Downloading Data From Alternative Data Sources

10 Special Guest Speakers

11 Code Hunter Homework

12 Extra Reading Material

13 Survey/Rate This Class

14 Live Sessions(Old Course)https://dlecourse.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/123.jpg

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