1 Hour Mastery Elliott Wave Analysis
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Trade anything confidently and master price action trading by learning trend anatomy – With Live Trading

What you’ll learn
Set extremely reliable take profit levels
Predict 85% of reversals on any time frame
3x more profitable trades by knowing when to hold and when to sell
Maximize entry precision by seeing exact reversal zones
Trade profitably and consistently in BOTH directions
How to trade with confidence when you are trading against market sentament
Minimize Stress of technical analysis
Eliminate the need or desire to use complex indicators
Understand market phase on a professional level

Have studied forex or stocks
Have placed several trades on real or demo account
Have the desire to make six figures per month

** Disclaimer: The course covers every concept of Elliott Wave theory but this particular course is very fast paced.

If you want to make money by trading stocks, forex, futures, options, or crypto-currencies, this is knowledge that you will need every day. You will be able to see the true anatomy of every trend, whether you are looking at the 1 day chart or the 15 minute.

If you are like over 75% of the population, you are most likely either actively looking for a new reliable source of income that won’t fizzle over time. Trading stocks and forex is one of the most stable, high leverage, and reliable way to make money because no matter what happens, trading will be around in one way or another.

There is a point that every retail trader faces, after the excitement of retail trading has passed and you start to lose money on a consistent basis. This is the point where most traders will quit trading forex or stocks completely. When I was at this point in my career, I remember thinking that if I still wasn’t making money after everything I had learned it must be impossible.

The truth is that 98% of retail traders don’t make money because they aren’t studying the material that will allow them to make money. The introduction of the internet to the trading world has allowed for the creation of sub 1 day charts, trade copiers, algorithmic trading, and a slew of “experts” selling nothing but an unsuccessful trading system, so the need to learn market theory and psychology seems more unimportant every day.

By learning Elliott Wave Analysis, you are equipping yourself with an institutional advantage that will allow you to see the market in a way that most other retail traders will not. This is for traders who are looking to make 6 figures per month, which means your trading is a business and not as a source of excitement.

In this course, you will learn all of the concepts that are essential to mastering trend analysis, as articulated by Ralph Nelson Elliott. This is for slightly more experienced traders.

Who is the target audience?
Someone who wants much larger profit with much less stress
Anyone frustrated with current trading success and progress
Aspiring trading professionals looking to master price action trading
Entrepreneurs looking to start a multi-million dollar home based business around trading

1 Hour Mastery Elliott Wave Analysis: Video, PDF´s
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