Accounting For Not-for-Profit Organizations by Luntadila Paulo, CPA, MBA
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Author: Luntadila Paulo, CPA, MBA
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What you’ll learn
Gain an understanding of the NFP industry landscape
Learn the difference between for-profit vs. NFP organizations.


Explore the universe of NFP orgs and how they are organized
Understand how NFP entities life cycle from formation to dissolution, as well as their compliance requirements
Explore the accounting process and cycle for NFP orgs


Basic understanding of general accounting
Basic understanding of accounting software and or Microsoft Excel
Basic knowledge of accounting and tax research


This course provides individuals and organizations insights about the not-for-profit sector and guides them through the accounting process of these organizations. Individuals from various backgrounds would benefit from this course. Not-for-profit leaders, board members, and executives will be empowered to understand their organizations’ finances. These in return will allow them to properly make better decisions to continue serving their target communities. Donors and members of the community would benefit from this course as it helps them hold the organizations they love and support accountable as well as assess not-for-profit managers’ performance and stewardship of the recourses under their management.Throughout this course, we lay the building blocks by defining not-for-profit organizations, and how they differ from for-profit organizations. Then, we navigate their life cycle to reviewing key components of financial reports in not-for-profit organizations Furthermore, we expand on our analysis by looking into an actual organization and how they present their financial information to the public.Lastly, we use a fictitious organization to illustrate the formation and accounting process for a not-for-profit organization. We navigate key transactions, journal entries, and main financial reports. As additional steps, the course presents best practices in the documentation, creation, and organization of accounting records.Welcome to Not-For-Profit Accounting!


Who this course is for
Not-for-profit executives and directors, and board members
Not-for-profit accountants, bookkeepers, and advisors
Individuals interested in launching not-for-profit organizations
Not-for-profit donors
Individuals and organizations seeking to hold their favorite NFP organizations accountable

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