Andrew Mioch – Foreplay Mastery
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Expert reveals the most orgasmic secrets you’ve never heard of. So powerful.
She’ll BEG you to f*ck her.
Discover how you could make a woman soaking wet and craving your cock.
Before you’ve even touched her
The powerful “secrets” I’m about to show you, may cause women to BECOME ADDICTED to having sex with you.
Please use responsibly.
You won’t learn these “secrets” from pick-up artists or mainstream sex gurus.
And they probably go against everything you’ve seen in porn.
But today, I’m going to reveal how the top 1% of lovers have women queuing round the block to have sex with them.
3 ways you could make any woman shudder and squirm with pleasure.
And become hopelessly wet and turned on – BEFORE YOU’VE EVEN TOUCHED HER.
– Even if you’re ugly or conventionally unattractive.
– Even if you’re overweight or past your prime.
– And even if you’ve been called a “shit” or “selfish” lover in the past.

Using these 3 “sex secrets”, you could unleash a primal sexual appetite in women.
And become a legendary lover she just can’t get enough of.
In fact.
NOT like the porn you’ve seen online, where a guy immediately starts jackhammering a woman who can’t seem to get enough of it. The truth is.
80% of women need MORE than just penetration to get off. But I don’t mean just stimulating her clit either. If you REALLY want to make her so turned on that she’s begging you to fuck her. Then you need to uncover her hidden “hot spots”. Tapping into those could be the difference between boring, “star fish” sex she can get anywhere else. And a hot night of breath-taking pleasure that neither of you will ever forget.
In a minute I’m going to reveal how you can locate and milk all the pleasure out of these “hot spots”.
To become a powerful, irresistible lover that makes her uncontrollably wet – before you’ve even laid a finger on her.
Plus, I’ll show you how to unlock a new level of deep, sensual connection and sexual power beyond imagination.
So when you DO touch her, she’ll melt into your arms and crave every inch of your body.
Your every word and whisper will be like sexual hypnosis.
That will make her addicted to your cock and drooling at just the thought of you.


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