Aurelie Maron – 3D Letters Masterclass for Procreate
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Dreaming of being able to draw realistic 3D letters? I’m here to teach you how!
Do you ever scroll through images of beautiful 3D lettering on Instagram and think to yourself:
“Wow, I wish I could do that. Surely this must take hours or this has been done in a 3D app.” And therefore give up on the idea of even trying?


– Maybe you’ve tried to design a few 3D letters for a while, but none of them look the way you want them to?
– Even though you’ve slowly picked up on some Procreate tips and you’re slowly improving on your own, you still don’t feel confident about your textures and colours?
– Something always looks off or feels like it’s missing, and it frustrates you that you can never figure out why?
– How do other designers make their work look so damn perfect and polished?
– How do their letters look so realistic and shiny, like they are sticking out of your screen, ready to be touched?
If there was a simple and clear step-by-step breakdown of how to create perfect 3D letters in Procreate, would you finally give it a go?


Aurelie Maron – 3D Letters Masterclass for Procreate: Video, PDF´s
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