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The Psychology Of Clicking "Buy Now"

this all started with a simple thank you post, from my friend Matt Boley on Facebook
As I was building out my site network, I showed around 100 people what I was working on. Matt Boley was one of them. He and 1 other person actually duplicated what I was doing. The difference was that Matt did his better than mine, which is outstanding! I love seeing people I show things to duplicate the process, and I’m ecstatic when they improve on them.
And then…
It seemed like a ton of people wanted to know how to do what he had done, so he asked me to show everyone who was interested, when he posted his results of the process on Facebook.
Houston, we have a problem…
I’m retired. As a matter of fact, I retired on July 6th, after selling my network of sites to a media company for $29 million when they reached out to me. The issue is that I’m not willing to donate my time out of retirement.
We decided to do a live training together. It’s a one time thing. I will build out a site from scratch, show everyone every piece, plugin, and automation technique, and even give everyone the .json files to use to be able to create a website of their own in a very short period of time. Once you create a site of your own, you can simply clone the site over and over again, and exchange out content sources and design elements.
About Me
Bradley Bennett
“I’m just a nerd, who sat in front of computer screens, asking Google to love me.”
I built an agency called GingerHippo. I had 36 employees. We made money. I hated my life. I fired all of our clients in February of 2020, then fired all of our employees.
I had also built, partnered in, or purchased interest in 31 other companies, from all ends of the spectrum. Brick & mortar were really a pain in the rear, when Covid happened. I still hated my life, but I wasn’t broke.
I built this site network originally to establish a local presence for advertising to local businesses. I couldn’t get local businesses to buy into the network, because I had shitty salespeople and small business owners couldn’t grasp the concept. So, I fired my salespeople.
I had a ton of sites built, that I needed to monetize or delete, so I monetized them and automated content creation. 2 years later, someone offered to buy the network from me.
Not only did I sell the sites to them, I decided to exercise my partner buyout clauses in the other businesses, and retire on my 46th birthday on July 6th.
Bradley Batdorf
aka Bradley Bennett on Facebook
aka Rain Man in the professional world
Here is what you will get
You will get to see me live build a site and explain every piece and part of why I did what I did on a site.
You will see how I duplicated the sites quickly, and set them up for Google News & Adsense approval.
You will gain an understanding of why they monetized the way they did, and how to find and automate content.
You will be given all of the .json files from the site I build live, so you can simply import those files and get a site up and running quickly.
I will answer everyone’s questions as best as I can, who attends the live training. I may not have answers for issues I never encountered with my sites.
Bonus Stuff
Matt Boley will be sharing how he increased the daily revenue on his sites.
Matt will also give everyone a free IFTTT account to syndicate the sites to various networks.The Psychology Of Clicking "Buy Now"

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