Buckminster Fuller – Grunch of Giants
Author: Buckminster Fuller
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If you’ve never read Buckminster Fuller’s writings, you’ve missed out on one of the most remarkable minds of the 20th century. Yes, he invented the geodesic dome and laid out the principles for some kinds of tensile structures. He was also a tireless inventor. He did not necessarily create something fundamentally new each time, but always sought out more value for the dollar and pound of resources, and always measured that value in quality of human life. Except for the dome, his developments are often paraded and quixotic oddities, stripped of Fuller’s real intent. This brief book lays out his philosophy for human welfare in terms of national and trans-national economics.

His thinking is clear and gentle – human happiness always comes first. It comes across in a whirwind of ideas, racing across the page faster than words can keep up. It’s not rare to see a sentence start with economics and finish with stellar thermodynamics. You’ll also sentences wildly stretched to hold just one of his ideas in complete form. Two consecutive sentences stretch from page 8 to 12! Even English words are too small to hold the atoms his ideas, so he creates the most startling hypenated word-collages. For example, in discussing how tools grew out of and extend the body, he writes:

“Nests and eggs are indeed tools, as is the womb –
an only-once-in-a-while, carried-within-mammalian,
new-life-production tool.”

Social criticism, economics based in the physical world, tempered technological optimism, and a wonderful heart – they’re all here, wrapped in a unique package of words. Whether or not you agree with his “economics of wealth”, as opposed to “economics of scarcity,” it’s a remarkable view of human society.

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