Business & Technical Writing Immersion
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Learn a proven, systematic approach to the art of effective, persuasive business and financial writing

What you’ll learn

You’ll be able to compose clear, concise communications.
You’ll be able to improve readability of your documents.
You’ll be able to better organize your ideas and thoughts.
You’ll be able to create more effective emails.
You’ll be able to increase the speed and productivity of digital, written, and oral communication.


Knowledge of the English language.


Business Writing Immersion covers a proven, systematic approach to the art of effective, persuasive business and financial writing. Using 12 steps and almost 60 practical techniques, the course works through from initial writing analysis to final copy, producing documents that succeed every time. For each writing technique, the course provides tutorial with exercises and thoughtful answers. Special instructions help professionals for whom English is a second language. Advanced techniques help teams write long documents such as proposals.

Each step of the course consists of videos, supplemental PDF documents that will allow you to follow along with the instructor, and an e-book extract that pertains to the segment being covered in the video for reference. There are 38 video modules for this course, including supplemental materials, averaging approximately 7-10 minutes each.

In addition, a section for Writing Professional Emails is added as an appendix, and a new section for ESL is included as well, covering tenses, verbiage, and tone.

A breakdown of materials is as follows:

Introduction & Overview
Step 1 – Analyze Purpose
Step 2 – Analyze Audience
Step 3 – Writing the Purpose Statement
Step 4 – Gathering information
Step 5 – Writing the sentence outline
Step 6 – Writing the draft
Step 7 – Revising content and organization
Step 8 – Editing for coherence
Step 9 – Editing for clarity
Step 10 – Editing for economy
Step 11 – Editing for readability
Step 12 – Conclusion and final thoughts
Appendix B – Tips for writing emails
Appendix C – ESL Articles, Attitude and Approach, and Tenses

Who this course is for:

This course is intended for any level of participant, from recent college graduate, to the experienced executive, and everyone in between. It can be used as an immersion training, or as a brush-up of skills.
Anyone who needs to communicate clearly and effectively, whether by email, proposal, technical document, etc.

Business & Technical Writing Immersion: Video, PDF´s
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