Chris Dover – Systems Mastery Course
Original Price: 1997$
You Just Pay: 269.95$(One Time 88% OFF)
Author: Chris Dover
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Systems Mastery Course
📈 1 free month of the trading lab a value of $297
📈 6.5hrs of content
📈 FVBO is a proven profitable strategy
📈 VBO 2.0 is a proven profitable strategy
📈 No expensive software
📈 Custom spreadsheet
📈 Learn how to match your system to you
📈 Build a real trading business so you can build the life you want
📈 Stop buying signals build your own proven system
📈 Define your belief systems
📈 Learn how the professionals manually backtest
📈 Chose to build a part-time trading system or full-time trading system
📈 Understand R multiples and proper position sizing
📈 How to rate your system
📈 Learn price action
📈 Understand data entry
📈 A system you will use for the rest of your trading careerThe Psychology Of Clicking "Buy Now"

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