Coloso – Creating Your Own Unique Characters
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01. Artist Introduction
What was the drive behind leaving the company?
Growth process until finally debuting as an artist


02. Before Starting an Illustration
Finding your definition of “beauty”
Basic explanation of works from “Gharliera”
How to beautifully combine contrasting elements
Using “heterogeneity” to give illustration a nice twist


03. Creating Your Own Universe Through References
Guide to finding references
Drawing in your own style while using references


04. Visual Understanding of the Cyberpunk Genre
Examining the visual aspects of cyberpunk illustrations
Understanding the cyberpunk universe through media material
SECTION 02. Designing a Stylish Character


05. Creating the Skeletal Foundation of a Character
Applying the ideal body proportions to my drawing
What makes up an attractive posture?
Rough sketch


06. Discovering Your Very Own “Drawing Style”
Using lines in drawings
What does “using good lines” mean?
Drawing skillfully and beautifully


07. Depicting an Attractive Face
Finding & analyzing references
Understanding basic face proportions
About omission and emphasis


08. Drawing Outfits
Simple way to draw trendy outfits
Expressing the material, shape, and wrinkles of an outfit
Adding individuality and details with accessories


09. Depicting Mecha
Fundamental understanding of mecha
How to depict mecha in an easy and simple way


10. Coloring and Finalizing
Color combinations and coloring methods to make your character stand out
Enhancing detail quality by utilizing decals
SECTION 03. Get Started: Drawing Professional Illustrations


11. The First Step to Becoming a Professional Freelancer
A to Z Process of Collaborating with Famous Musicians
How to Effectively Collaborate with Artists
Figuring out the Needs of Clients and Working on Drafts


12. Professional Illustration Work 1
Applying details to a draft
A work process that can satisfy both the client and yourself
Drawing that frames the illustration


13. Professional Illustration Work 2
Creating completed album art
Wrap up your work by fitting the needs of a client
SECTION 04. Designing a Signature Layout


14. Reference Check for Designing a Trendy Layout
Font, shape, icon, language, etc.
Creating your own signature design


15. Applying a Layout
Apply a layout using the illustration from episode 4 of this lecture
Producing merchandise using collaboration art


16. Designing a Suitable Layout
Other miscellaneous products
SECTION 05. Branding and Monetization for an Illustrator


17. Branding Yourself as an Illustrator
Getting your first outsource work
Becoming a popular artist by utilizing social media
A more effective way to attract the public


18. Commercializing your work
Producing and composing products that capture the artist’s universe
Doing business overseas without the trouble of complicated distribution and delivery management
Wrap up

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