Dan Hollings – The Plan (Phase 3 – Rebalancing)
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Author: Dan Hollings
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The Plan Phase 2 (DeFi) & Phase 3 (Rebalancing) By Dan Hollings – Free Download Courses
Ready To Keep “Wiggling” Forward On Your Path To Financial Freedom With The Plan?
You can now sign up for Phase 2 (DeFi) & Phase 3 (Rebalancing) with special beta member pricing.
If you enjoyed Phase 1 (Bot trading), you will love these next phases because they are
easier to implement and require even less work. In these phases you will truly learn
to perfect the skill of “doing nothing”!
You can sign up for each phase individually at a special beta-only discount or
sign up for both at once, and save even more!
Just as before, these phases will be taught live (in beta format) and recorded, so you can watch again
and again in the members’ area. You will also get future versions of the phases you purchase now for free.

Dan really is self taught. He loves to figure things out, make money, then teach others.
He has spent the last couple of years digging deep to crack the crypto code, so that he could not only make a boatload of money for himself, but simplify the process so that he could teach others to replicate his approach and make money too.
It had to be step-by-step, easy, and safe for sure. It needed to require minimal skills (most people are not skilled at trading) and it needed to be at least 80% automated (most people have other things to do).
What he’s come up with is a plan – indeed, the plan for financial liberation that is largely unknown to the masses.

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