Derek De Mike – The SMMA Blueprint (2024)
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What You Get:
All of our Legal Agreements, Sales Scripts, Client Meetings Guide, and Much More!
We have spent over $20,000 + a lot of time learning things the hard way. We are going to give you everything that we have when it comes to scripts, documents.. you name it!
– Bulletproof Ad Template: Our crazy simple strategy that kills it for our client campaigns!
– Our Client Meeting Guide: Our secret sauce that enables us to close 95% of prospects we speak with
– All of Our Funnels: One click install and done!
– ​Our Proposal Template: Literally follow along and use our exact, proven, proposal methodology that clients can’t say no to!
– ​All of our Legal Agreements: Literally everything that you need to start and run your business!
– ​Much, Much More!


– Welcome To The SMMA Blueprint
– Who we are and our professional background
– Our 50k a Month Agency & Why It’s Possible For You
– Your existing knowledge about SMMA and how it gives you an advantage in this business


– The SMMA Blueprint Methodology
– The SMMA Quick Start Checklist – Get your agency live in 48 hours or less!
– How to Incorporate Your Business The Right Way
– Setting Up Your Agencies Brand – How to get all your designs, logos, and more to get an unfair advantage in from of prospects!
– Setting Up Your Agencies Website – How to Make it Cost-Effective, Easy to Maintain, and Look Impressive
– Setting Up G Suite and Your Agencies E-mail
– Business Banking – What to think about when choosing your bank
– Solutions to receive invoices and take payments for services online
– Cash Flow Management – How to Manage Cash Flow so That Your Agency Doesn’t Become a Statistic
– Running payroll for your business – How to Pay Yourself the Right Way
– SMMA Legal Agreement – Your Agencies Legal Contract to Have Clients Sign
– SMMA Forecast Tracking and Document
– Setting Up Your Agencies Brand – How to get all your designs, logos, and more to get an unfair advantage in from of prospects!


– SMMA Sales 101
– The SMMA / Social Media Marketing Agency Sales Process
– Profitable niches and where to find them
– Hustle – Mindset Training for SMMA Success
– Cold E-mail Scripts That Win
– Game changing books and lessons learned
– Handling the gatekeeper
– Cold email and Cold Calling
– Client Meeting Guide (Sell ANY Client on your services)
– INSTANTLY prove your VALUE with this simple technique “Put the Money on the Table”
– The Psychology of Sales – Eliminate Resistance and Win More Deals
– Using Mail Merges to Scale Your Outreach – HUNDREDS of E-mails and meetings on AUTOPILOT!
– Our Favorite Tool for Getting E-mails, Automating Sequences, and Setting Appointments Seamlessly
– Objection Handling – Overcome any objection business owners throw at you!
– Audits During Cold Outreach
– Setting expectations and pushing for the close
– Creating the Proposal That Wins Every Time
– Pricing your services
– Pricing Calculator – How to charge what you are worth and without hesitation
– The One Call Close – SEAL THE DEAL!
– The Proposal Explained – Our entire process to closing the deal
– Kick-off / On-boarding Checklist – You’ve closed the deal, what next?!


– Fulfilling Services Overview
– Facebook Ads Welcome
– The #1 Thing That Will Determine Your Success
– How to set up a new ad account – Facebook ad best practice
– Campaign Objective Overview – What campaign to use and when to use it
– The Pixel – How to set-up and leverage campaign data for amazing client results
– Creating Lookalike Audiences to 10x results for 10% of the cost!
– Discovering the Competitions Ads – Ad hacking 101
– Targeting – How to target the interest and demographics of your clients ideal customer
– Split Testing – How to quickly and easily optimize your campaign performance!
– Setting Campaign Rules to Automate Your Campaign Management
– How to write the PERFECT ad – Grab out exact formula that we use for every campaign
– Key Phrase Template – Spotting Trends Early When First Running Ads
– The Breakdown – Metrics that matter for monitoring your campaigns
– Facebook Leads A-Z (LEADS on Autopilot) full automation set up
– How to Create Instagram “Swipe Up” Story Ads for your clients
– How to Scale – Increase ad spend and results without destroying your CPA!
– Live FB Ad Review
– Google Ads – Intro Lesson – Why you need to use them
– Google Ads – Strategy Overview – Branded Keywords, Competitive, and Long-Tail
– Google Ads – Ad Account Creation and getting advertiser access from your clients
– Google Ads – Conversion Tracking on Clickfunnels
– Google & Facebook Conversion Tracking on Shoppify
– Google Ads – PPC Set up
– Google Ads – Negative Keyword Sweeps
– YouTube Ads – Masterclass
– E-mail Marketing for your clients
– Tools for Social Media Management
– Fast Social Media Management with Hootsuite and Lightroom
– Leveraging Social Engagement
– Retargeting – Step by Step to Maximize Profits with Minimal Effort and Spend!


– Reddit Advertising Tutorial
– Snapchat Advertising


– How to put systems in place to work with more clients and scale your agency!
– Client Communication – Keeping clients and renewing deals
– Case Studies – What You’ll Need to Scale
– Outsourcing – When and how to hire the right way (Even if you’re just starting with NO management experience)
– Partnerships – Grow your network, revenue, and brand by partnering with other agencies!


– Using LinkedIn to Get Local Clients


– Welcome
– Who we are and our professional background
– The Growth Mindset
– LinkedIn Scripts


– Niches
– Building Your List
– Your Ideal Client Avatar
– Respect the platform and how to speak to prospects
– How to prospect safely at scale
– Using Loom to prospect
– Taking advantage of the free version of LinkedIn
– InMails vs. Connections
– Referrals
– How to Optimize your LinkedIn Profile
– Types of Content to Share and How to be Perceived as a Thought Leader


– How to Automate the Process
– How to vet Virtual Assistants to hire faster
– How to post your job listing
– Virtual Assistant Frameworks

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