Fitness Model Transformation (UP)

Fitness Model Transformation (UP)Fitness Model Transformation (UP)
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A full 12 week Exercise Guide and Grogram
8 Essential Exercises to Enhance Your Posture
Goal Setting For a Healthy Body
Tracking Your Progress Tips

How To Break Bad Habits, and Which Habits are Best for Healthy Lifestyle
Essential Stretches to Complete Before and After Exercises
What Exercises are Best for a Proportional Physique
How to Live and Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle
Have access to a small space to exercise
Have access to very basic equipment such as a resistance band.
Be motivated to change
People nowadays are looking completely ridiculous in the gym.
Have you ever seen those guys with giant arms and no legs? The girls whose shoulders are slouched forward?
Terrible exercise routines. No attention to correct posture. Bad form. Incorrect movements.
And the results are scary:
Uneven Body
Poor Posture
Stiff Muscles
Rigid Movement
Low energy
and much, much, more.

Whether you are training to be a model, want to lose weight, or just want to be fit, it is essential you know the essential keys to a permanent beautiful and healthy body.\n
Learn The Simple Formula for a Lean, Proportional, Athletic Body\n\nIn this course you will learn how to be fit, beautiful, and healthy from three unique perspectives
1. Physical Training
2. Nutrition
3. Psychological Strategies

Why This Course?
Despite it’s low price, our course offers many incredible benefits, helping you:
Save yourself years of failure and struggle as I give you a clear path to health and beauty
Look and feel healthier, happier, and more as I tell you exactly what foods to eat and to avoid
Learn how to break those bad habits that are preventing you from fulfilling your physical potential
Learn the essential secrets of the top professional models in the world: How they eat, How they Train, and How they think
Learn how to become a whole new you, fit both mentally, nutritionally, and physically
.and much, much more.

The course is taught by Gam Sassoon, who has trained and coached athletes and models throughout the USA, the Carribean, and Brazil for the past 6 years. He is an ACE certified Personal Trainer, ACE certified Health Coach, with experience teaching seminars in the Dominican Republic, and Brazil.
The techniques described in this course are a unique blend of psychology, nutrition, and fitness
Everything in this course is broken down into short videos that don’t require more than 6 minutes of your time per week. Accompanying the videos are short assignments, that ask you to reflect on your own life, and make immediate changes. There are also over 50 exercise videos and a complete 12 week transformation program that will change your posture and physique with step by step instructions
Simply click “Enroll Now” to start your journey today!
Who this course is for:
This course is intended for men and women ages 18+
Anyone looking to improve their health, fitness, career, or posture will benefit from this course!
Anyone looking to improve their body fat and muscle tone
This course is not intended to treat any chronic medical condition, and is not a replacement for medical attention from a qualified medical professional
Who this course is for:
Females and males who want a toned body
Future models
Students Who Want Practical Training advice Without Complicated Equipment
Students Who Want Healthy Training Strategies

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