Fred – Master Class: The E.G.M. Strategy

Fred – Master Class: The E.G.M. Strategy
Fred – Master Class: The E.G.M. Strategy
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Master Class: The E.G.M. Strategy
A Proven Stock Trading Strategy
In this master class, you will learn the E.G.M. strategy, which is a complete strategy for trading individual U.S. stocks.
This is the strategy that has allowed me to be able to live off my trading for the last 6 years.
There’s so many information out there that it has become difficult to separate the proverbial wheat from the chaff. I want to share the E.G.M. strategy so that new traders, and traders who are not yet profitable can have access to a proven trading strategy that will give them an edge in the markets, and will also allow them to see the foundations of a complete trading strategy.
This strategy could also be interesting to experienced traders who are looking into adding a powerful strategy to their trading arsenal.

And I want to share this E.G.M. strategy with people who are willing to become independent, who are willing to put in the work and the effort to become the proverbial fisherman, instead of being fed fish.

And I’m definitely charging for it since:
– it’s my bread and butter strategy, the strategy I use everyday and that allows to live off my trading and grow my account
– I spent more than 10 years developing and improving it
– It will weed out people who are not serious about learning and taking action
– I’ve spent a lot of time developing that course, diving deep into both the mental aspect, and the nitty gritty of how it works and why it makes money

What Will You Learn?
We will dive deep into the details of the EGM strategy, the complete trading strategy I spent 10 years developing and improving, the strategy I use every day, the strategy that allows me to both live off my trading and grow my account.
If you want to acquire the foundations of a complete trading strategy that actually makes money in the stock market, and/or add a robust semi-discretionary strategy to your arsenal, this course is for you.
A big part of the course will also cover the trading psychology part, the thinking process and mental changes needed in order to be able to use this strategy effectively, or any trading strategy for that matters.
And the major mindshift most traders need to make is the ability to think in probabilities, which will be covered in this course.
About the E.G.M. Strategy

This strategy uses both elements of technical analysis and fundamental analysis.
It’s a rule-based discretionary strategy. It has specific rules, but some of them require your judgment so it cannot be fully automated.
There’s no need to watch your positions during the trading day.
It’s a long only strategy based on daily/weekly charts.
It’s a highly specific strategy that can only be used with individual company stocks (not applicable to ETFs, forex, cryptocurrencies, futures, …).
It’s a strategy that I’ve only used on individual stocks listed in the U.S.
It’s a real strategy that gives you an edge in the market. Forget about wanting to make money every day or every month. It’s not how trading works.
It’s a great strategy if you want to supplement your income.
It’s a great profitable strategy that can either be traded alone, or added to your arsenal if you’re already profitable.
It will require hundreds of hours of practice.
10 years of trading experience packed into 50+ videos

A Proven Strategy That Actually Works

There are thousands of courses on the Internet teaching trading strategies.
Instead of trying to convince you mine is better, I’ll show you the results I got in the last couple of years.
As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

– those are NOT excel or google sheet made up equity curves… but real screenshots from my brokerage account.
– past performance is no guarantee of future results.

Course Curriculum
Welcome to the EGM Trading Master Class (1:11)
What Will You Learn? (1:29)
Is This Course For You? (3:50)
Why Am I Teaching My Strategy? (2:36)
A Bit About Myself (4:41)
How To Get The Most From This Course (4:33)

Thinking in Probabilities
Accepting The Uncertainty (2:43)
The Casino Paradigm – The Edge (2:20)
Measuring Your Edge: The Expectancy (4:30)
Trading Small (2:21)
Win Rate VS Profit-to-Loss Ratio (4:51)
R and R-Multiples (3:09)
Technicals VS Fundamentals (1:46)
The Law of Large Numbers and its Implications (2:08)
Follow The Strategy (4:14)

The Right Mindset
The Confirmation Bias (5:57)
Avoid The Recency Bias (1:41)
Focus Is The Key (2:10)
Tune Out The Noise (1:36)
Confidence is Key (4:53)
Your Relationship With Money (3:24)

The EGM Strategy
It’s Time to Become Independent (1:54)
A Semi-Systematic Approach (3:53)
Making it Difficult Not to Make Money (1:45)
How I Discovered the EGM Strategy (2:33)
My Charts (6:09)
The Technical Structure of an EGM (5:37)
The EGM – Part 1 (12:23)
The EGM – Part 2 (7:54)
The EGM – Part 3 (3:55)
Examples of EGM (32:10)
Entering an EGM (5:45)
Increasing the Odds on a Technical Level (13:36)
Increasing the Odds on a Fundamental Level (16:31)
Increasing the Odds on a Macro Level (4:47)
Increasing the Odds – Misc (4:32)
The Ingredients of a Great Entry (11:18)
Exiting an EGM – Initial Stop (16:45)
Exiting an EGM – Trailing Stops (14:42)
The Ingredients of a Great Exit (3:32)
Position Sizing (7:29)
How to Find EGM Setups (8:36)
A Robust Strategy (5:37)

What’s Next
Expectations (4:33)
Trading With a Small Account (1:48)
Tips to Follow the Strategy (5:03
Record Review & Monitor (2:30)
Good Luck (1:30)

Frequently Asked Questions
What is included in this course?
– 50+ videos
– How to think in probabilities
– The mindset required to trade effectively
– The EGM strategy (a complete and robust trading strategy)
– How to increase the odds on a technical level, a fundamental level, and a – macro level
– The thought-process behind the strategy
– Many examples of both unprofitable and profitable EGM setups
What is not included in that course?
– Journaling your trades (would be a whole other course)
– Trading statistics monitoring (would be a whole other course)
– Mentoring (As a new father, I just don’t have the time for that)
Is this course for complete beginners?
No. This course is more geared towards people who have already had at least some trading experience before and know the basics of stock trading. I’d advise you to get familiar – if you’re not already – with the work of William O’Neil through his classic trading book “How to Make Money in Stocks”, as well as Van Tharp’s book “Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom” beforehand.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own.
What does EGM stand for?
EGM stands for Earnings Gap Momentum.

Your Instructor
Fred Saffore is a full-time independent stock trader with 10+ years experience in the stock market.
He is also the founder of, a website where he shares his knowledge, experience, process and results.
In his very first year of trading, Fred lost almost all his trading capital in the market. But he persevered, determined to uncover the truth about mechanisms of making money consistently in the market. It took him 3 long years of intense work to finally understand how to become consistently profitable in the stock market. And he’s now been able to live off his trading profits and to grow his trading account consistently for over 5 years in a row.

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