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The Psychology Of Clicking "Buy Now"


The Psychology Of Clicking "Buy Now"
Time’s nearly up to pick up your copy of our new “approach girls anywhere” day game course.
At midnight tonight, Pacific time, the doors CLOSE, and you won’t be able to pick up Meet Girls Everywhere anymore.
If you get in, you’re IN.
You’ll be able to access the course any time you want from inside your Girls Chase Courses member area.
However, if you didn’t make it in in time, after today you won’t be able to grab the course.
Then it’s DATING APP DOOM for you, exiled off with all the swipe-peasants!
I kid, I kid.
But doors ARE closing, and if you want to get in, you’re going to have to get in now.
What’s So Great About MGE?
Have you ever even seen a course on approaching women during the daytime before?
I haven’t. Which is not to say there aren’t any out there… perhaps there are.
Usually the only way to learn day game is by hiring a coach for thousands of dollars for a weekend excursion, or by reading articles online (like here on GC) and going out and self-teaching.
That’s not exactly a guided tour though…
What we’ve put together is a unique training toolset that takes you through day game step-by-step.
You get the ways and places to meet women by day; the tools you’ll need to get past the anxiety (which tends to be higher during day than most anywhere else) around approaching; and a step-by-step method for opening, flirting, connecting, and closing women you meet during the day.
This is the quickest, best “exit door” out of listless dating app swiping (for few/no matches) or prowling the bar scene filled with drunks, loud music, sometimes-rude people, and very late nights.
When you can meet girls EVERYWHERE, you’re free:

  • Free to choose where YOU want to meet girls. Like going to the park or the beach? Meet girls there. Total gym rat? Meet girls there. Big-time walker? Meet girls as you walk down the street. End up in malls a lot? Meet girls there. You can meet girls everywhere
  • Free to not have to let a girl walk by because she’s not on a phone with a swipe box in front of her, or standing at a bar with a glass in her hand. Instead, because you know how to meet girls EVERYWHERE, and because you have the tools and confidence to, you can meet her
  • Free to meet the very best women, the kind you’d take home to Mom & Pop if you didn’t already have 3 more dates lined up this week for girls just as hot and exciting as her — girls that do not do online dating and won’t be caught dead in bars
  • Free to upgrade the caliber of the looks of the girls you get. Guys who transition from nightlife to day game typically get a 2-point boost to the average looks of the girls they pull IME (on the 10-point scale… which, again, I usually don’t recommend, but it’s handy here; you were getting 6s in bars, and now you get 8s); for guys coming off of apps, it usually seems like it’s more a 4-point boost (say bye-bye to those a-little-too-chunky, not-so-cute dating app hambeasts)
  • Free to simply meet women as you go about your life, and not have to spend hours every week swiping on some stupid app when you could be reading Aristotle or thinking about how to build a better mousetrap. Instead, you can just meet girls when you stop into the convenience store, commute back and forth to work, or walk to class, head to the gym, or run errandsThe Psychology Of Clicking "Buy Now"

This kind of easy freedom to meet girls is something you see sometimes in the movies, with some guy breezily approaching a girl in an everyday situation. But how often have you seen it in real life?
Most men will NEVER do this… or rarely ever.
Because they lack the courage, and because they lack the tool.
But that’s what Meet Girls Everywhere gives you:
The mindset overhauls to find the courage to approach within yourself…
… and the daytime approaching tools to be able to pull your approaches off.
Once you have the courage and the tools, you’re able to approach women during the day at will.
Then it’s not just something you’ve “seen in the movies.”
Instead it’s an ordinary, normal way you’re used to using to filling your schedule with girls.
Doors CLOSE After Midnight Tonight
All that said, you must HURRY to pick up this course.
We SHUT the doors past midnight PST.
If you’ve delayed getting in, delay no more.
Wait too much longer and you’ll be on the outside looking in (and not seeing anything because the doors are closed!).
Now, a few small technical notes:
We had an issue on Sunday & Monday where credit card checkout wasn’t working for many folks (PayPal still worked fine). That’s resolved now, so you can again check out with credit card or PayPal, your choice
Also, we had folks requesting a payment plan for MGE. We didn’t design it for this, but I don’t want to turn anyone away for lack of funds, so there’s a payment plan available now too. It breaks the course up into three parts, so bear that in mind if you choose installments. But if you need it, it’s available here
Most importantly:
I hope you’re ready to get out there and start daytime approaching in earnest.
Day game is one of the rarest forms of game, because it does feel a little awkward to begin.
However, it’s also the most natural form of game.
Man did not evolve to search for mates by running his thumb on glowy screens, or by driving to cement boxes guarded by musclebound men, filled with strobe lights and drunk people gyrating inside.
Man has ever found mates by talking to the women around him, freely, without fear, when he sees a woman he’s attracted to.
So much of our society is built around invisible, unspoken rules… rules that have increasingly become antisocial over the years.
It’s a weird unspoken rule out there: “Don’t talk to strangers.”
You’re a grown man. And she’s a grown woman.
You can talk to her.
If you like each other, you can even get together.
Meet Girls Everywhere is the course that shows you how, so you can tap into this most natural way for people to meet, without it having to be awkward, stilted or weird.
Go check out the page on it NOW:
Click Here to Learn More + Grab “Meet Girls Everywhere”!
Then pick up your copy.
Your day-to-day life is filled with beautiful girls, if you just go outside and look for them a bit.
With MGE, you’ll at last have the tools to meet those girls, instead of just leaving them to be a piece of the scenery.
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