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“One size fits all” routines don’t address your body’s unique needs. This course frees you from the aches, pains, and stiff muscles that restrict your movement and hold you back from fully participating in the activities you enjoy.

Increase Your Flexibility & Mobility Fast
Reduce Pain and Tightness at Work
Finally Achieve Full Splits & Bridges
Increase Static & Dynamic Ranges of Motion
Be More Confident in Your Body’s Ability to Perform
Focused Flexibility Plus is a completely customizable program for assessing and improving your effective range of motion for greater ease and freedom of movement.
Scientific Flexibility Exercise Based on Proven Techniques
FF+ was designed by our resident flexibility expert, Jarlo Ilano, a physical therapist since 1998 and board certified orthopedic clinical specialist with the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties.
It’s based on his experience helping patients regain their movement abilities after injuries and accidents.
Jarlo chose proven protocols and techniques from his professional practice and combined them with his knowledge of teaching yoga, martial arts, and gymnastic movements to create the most effective and efficient flexibility program available.
You Can Finally Get Flexible Even if Nothing Has Worked Before
You’ve probably tried various stretching and mobility programs before and gotten lackluster results. Even if you’ve tried to get flexible before with nothing to show for it, Focused Flexibility Plus will teach you the correct techniques and body positioning that make each exercise safe and effective for addressing your specific flexibility needs.
Rest assured that this is not another rehash of the same old stretches you’ve been doing your whole life. While FF+ does cover some “standards,” it does so in a way you’ve probably never seen before—the right way—emphasizing the small details of each technique that make the difference between effective and ineffective practice.
FF+ also features a refreshing lack of “banging your head against the wall” by forcing yourself into a deeper stretch. Instead, you’ll use a “special sauce” PNF variation that trains your muscles to allow more stretch.
Why Focused Flexibility Plus Works Better
We don’t believe in the “shotgun” approach to flexibility training espoused in a lot of books and video courses where you do a ton of different movements every day. Instead, we take a focused approach.

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