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The Psychology Of Clicking "Buy Now"

Learn How to Use Nutrition to Master Your Mind & Body
World-class nutrition training helping you to transform lives, including your own.
Do You Have a Passion for Nutrition & Natural Healing?
Studying nutrition changed my life. It helped me cut through the confusion of paleo, veganism, plant-based, intermittent fasting, and more to experience lasting energy, vitality, and improved immunity.
It gave me the tools and knowledge to help heal my father, successfully getting him off 6 medications, losing over 50lbs, and completely recovering his life and health. This laid the groundwork for starting an online movement that has inspired millions around the world.
Unfortunately, we aren’t taught about real nutrition in school. We have a medical profession that is rarely trained to use food as medicine, and the multi-billion dollar fast-food and pharmaceutical industries thrive on misleading consumers.
If you’re anything like the Food Matters Community, many of these might feel familiar to you…
You’re overwhelmed by the amount of information online and conflicting ‘evidence’ from experts on the perfect diet. familiar to you You are tired of spending your time and money on specialist appointments only to be sent off to get tests that cost you hundreds more!
You leave a doctor’s appointment with more questions than answers and little hope with no outcomes.
You don’t want to be treated by healthcare ‘professionals’ with little to no formal nutrition training.
The idea of living with a chronic illness because of poor nutrition advice isn’t something you’re willing to live with any longer.
You’re sick of not having the ‘credibility’ to be taken seriously by friends and family when it comes to health.
This is why we have created the Food Matters Nutrition Certification Program. To alleviate the overwhelm, the frustration, the hours spent seeking support, and to help you transform your health and life.
Learn from the Best
We’ve assembled the greatest minds, independent from big business interests, to share with you the most trusted research on nutrition and healing in the world including Mark Hyman M.D, David Wolfe, Libby Weaver Ph.D., Elizabeth Rider, Christa Orecchio C.N, Dave Asprey, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Alejandro Junger, Tami Meraglia M.D, and more!The Psychology Of Clicking "Buy Now"
You have been thinking about studying nutrition and want an in-depth program to better understand the field and your opportunities better.
You are a health coach or medical professional looking to deepen your knowledge, grow your client base, and enrich your career.
You have a burning desire to study nutrition alongside the world’s leading health experts to better understand how food affects mood, energy levels, gut health, and more.
You want to formalize your knowledge to feel confident in sharing this life-saving message by creating an online movement, recipe book, natural products company, healthy restaurant, or more.
You are looking to improve the health of yourself and your family.
You’re still suffering from a chronic illness or condition with no answers from your medical professional.
Upon successful completion of the program you will:
A woman showing the Food Matters Certification
Become a certified Food Matters Nutrition Coach.
Have the tools necessary to help you make a healing intervention in your own life or assist a family member or friend.
Have the confidence and knowledge needed to provide valuable advice and guidance to others, creating a ripple effect of improved health & wellbeing.
Enhance your current career path or use this to act as a catalyst to change careers into the wellness field.
Establish your own business in the health and wellness sector as an author, blogger, filmmaker, natural foods formulator, online personality or influencer.The Psychology Of Clicking "Buy Now"

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