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“Tired of Seeing Everyone Brag About Their 10x, 50x, 100x Gains While You Are Once Again Left Hodling The (Empty) Bag?”
Are you frustrated right now?
Watching every Tom, Dick and Harry cash in on massive crypto ‘pumps’?
And by the time you hear about them, you are left hodling an empty bag?
So many pump n’ dumps out there rug pulling their way to the bank.
Except YOU keep getting left with a big fat ZERO.
Let me be perfectly clear, once you hear about a new coin on TikTok, IT’S ALREADY TOO LATE.
Sure there are a few exceptions to that rule but you are being taken advantage of.
Don’t feel bad though. I’ve got caught more than once myself.
In fact, anyone who tells you they haven’t been caught is flat out lying to you.
Nobody’s perfect.
But, there actually IS a way to drastically improve our odds of success.
Forget Everything You Think You Know About Traditional Finance
For the past several years I’ve dedicated myself to developing rinse/repeat systems that work in any market on Earth.
This system has given me the ability to ‘predict’ when a coin is about to ‘pop’ before Joe Blow on the corner has even heard of said coin.
Before Elon starts trolling the crypto space with his twitter posts.
Before the lamestream media tells unsuspecting retail investors to ‘fomo’ in…
Bottom line:
BEFORE the demand has pushed the price of the coin to unreasonable levels.
Its not magic.
Its not a crystal ball.
Its a simple system that works because its based on one simple premise…
Markets are driven by human emotions.
More specifically, fear/greed.
“Using This System Its Nothing For Us to See 3-4x Gains on a Coin In As Little as 7 Days…”
Maybe you’ve head of Pancake swaps.
Maybe you haven’t.
Bottom line, it doesn’t matter.
What does matter, is how it changes the entire trading game.
Strategies that allowed us to enter into positions and ride them for 2-10x gains have always existed.
But, the catch was, in traditional markets this often took years, if not decades.
In crypto, it often took months, if not years.
That was months/years/decades of holding an asset and hoping it went up the way you thought it might.
That was months/years/decades of having your funds tied up waiting for your profit targets to hit.
But suddenly, with Pancake swaps, what used to take months/years/decades can be achieved in hours/days.
We’re witnessing entire market cycles play out within a matter of days.
In short, this gives us an opportunity to compound our returns very VERY quickly.
I’m talking about the types of returns that will make your head spin.
The kind of money that can literally change a person’s entire life.
“What if you could turn one bnb into two, over and over again?”
So how does this actually work?
We have broken this system down into three parts.
Part 1 – Presales
Imagine being able to buy a token BEFORE it goes live to the public.
Often times, when the token finally launches its worth several times the presale price.
This is by far one of the simplest ways we’re using to see MAJOR returns.
But, as with any strategy, the devil is in the details.
Its one thing for us to say, “look for presales, and buy them” – its something else entirely to show you WHAT to look for to make sure the presale you’re considering is worthy of your investment.
Getting into the wrong presale can result in a total loss.
Some tokens are rug pulls, as I mentioned above – i.e. as soon as they go live the dev dumps their tokens on the market crashing price and running away with the profits.
Some tokens are ‘honey pots’ – these are especially cruel.
Essentially a dev can hide a piece of code that lets them flip a switch that makes a token buy only after it goes live – meaning you won’t be able to sell.
Kiss your entire investment goodbye.
These are just a few of the ‘gotchas’ waiting for folks who are naive enough to throw money at just any presale.
Part 2 – Tried and True Trade Setups
Not every token has a presale.
Some are what are called “fair launch” where everyone has an equal opportunity to buy the moment the token goes live.
When it comes to these types of ‘launches’ we rely on tried and true trade setups that have been putting money in our pockets day after day for years – the same setups that allow us to trade crypto, forex, stocks, and even options.
These setups give us an edge in knowing WHEN TO BUY and WHEN TO SELL.
No, they are NOT 100% – NOTHING is.
But they have been battle tested and improved over the course of billions of dollars in volume traded and I’d gladly put them up against any other trade system in the world.
Part 3 – Pancake Predictions
This little gem is new feature recently released on the Pancake site.
At its core, it allows us to either long or short BNB on a 5 minute time frame.
Now, you might be wondering.. how is that different from any other exchange.
The answer?
Its a simple yes/no system.
If price is higher in 5 minute and you’re long, you make profit.
If price is lower in 5 minutes and you’re long, you lose your investment.
And of course, vice versa if you’re short.
Most people will lose with this type of system because they’ll flat out gamble not understanding WHEN to place a trade and when not to.
Fortunately for us, we understand the math behind the payouts and are able to use our trade systems to tilt the odds of being correct in our favor.
That’s it – the entire system in a nutshell.
And now we’re wrapping it all up with a neat little bow in a program we call “Pancake Profits.”
Inside we walk through every step in detail, starting with the mechanics such as which wallets to use, what slippage settings work best, etc and going all the way down to the nitty gritty details of things like when to enter and when to exit.
No more anxiety over whether your investment is going to go up or down
No more hoping and praying you picked the winning horse
No more getting stuck holding the bag
No more stressing over when you should sell
Upon completion of ‘Pancake Profits’ you will have knowledge of the very same system that we’re using every single day.
And perhaps the best part, in section two of the program we’ll even show you the very same principles that allow us to trade nearly any market on Earth.
We truly pride ourselves on the success of our students, but don’t take our word for it…

“How Much Is This Gonna Cost Me?”
So, by now I’m sure you’re thinking…
Great, sounds good and all but how much is this gonna cost me?
But I think the better question is…
How much is it going to cost you NOT to join?
How many more tokens are you willing to watch go up 5x, 10x, 100x without you?
I’m going to be blunt with you; we’re not sure how long this Pancake stuff is gonna be around.
Sure, the swaps themselves will likely be around, but I doubt we’ll be seeing the easy 3x, 5x, 10x gains in days type of stuff long term.
We figure, we may only have 12-18 months before some regulation comes out that kills the opportunity or a better mousetrap is built that robs interest away from the platform.
That’s the bad news.
The good news is, that’s still plenty of time to “Make hay while the sun shines.”
I’ve had the opportunity over the last decade or so to become friends with many millionaires from around the world.
And there is one thing that sticks out to me more than anything else when it comes to these immensely successful people.
Its not how smart they are.
Its not how talented they are.
Its how they saw an opportunity in front of them, the same opportunity many saw, but instead of sitting around and dreaming about it, they jumped in with both feet and made as much as humanly possible of the chance.
So what are you going to do?
Are you going to jump in?
Or will you be sitting around a year from now telling people how you wished you had jumped in on that ‘defi stuff’ just like we see people do with btc now.
“If only I had bought btc when it was $.01”
Don’t be that guy/gal.
Take control of your financial future now.
Oh, and act fast, because this is a limited time offer.
No fake scarcity b.s.
That’s not our style.
When the offer is gone, its gone.
So, what are you waiting for? Click on the orange button below now.The Psychology Of Clicking "Buy Now"

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