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Forecast 2021

This Was My Natural Cycle Forecast For 2020

Just about perfect “20/20” vision for 2020 a year in advance!


Now Read About My Forecast For 2021
…the year we pay for the Virus!

Larry Williams here, just a trader and market researcher. No spin about magical cycles, secrets or massive computer power to forecast the markets. Just me and techniques I have learned in my 58 years of trading… stuff that works… stuff that holds up in real time to reveal the future.

You may have seen me on Barron’s, Bloomberg, Traders Expo, or on Jim Cramer’s Mad Money. I’m not an unknown. I have a reputation to maintain. I am not making wild undocumented claims.

Here are direct quotes from my Forecast 2020 Report published in Dec 2019.

“I expect to see higher prices in 2020”

“The path…a first of the year decline with a rally starting in mid-March… June has kicked off powerful rallies lasting for the rest of the year”

“A pullback starting in Mid-February… a powerful year-end rally”

“The Mid-July buy is about as sure of a ‘money in the bank’ as there is in this business”

Now I am going way out on a limb… 2021 will shock investors with the massive move my work says is about to explode.

There are two huge take-aways about 2021 I’m going to show you next.

1.  We can identify major market highs and lows.

How about my “all in” US Stock Market Major Buy Signal that we published for forecast readers on March 14th, 2020? Here was the key chart in that report.

The entire world was in a panic mode, but not my followers. We knew what to do and the general path — based on Fundamentals — as shown above. That little blue line was our view of the future… which came true! Our advice was to “push all the chips across the table”.

2.  Cycles and patterns from the past can help us see next year’s market — today!

We Gave Readers These Winning Trades in Advance!The Psychology Of Clicking "Buy Now"

Our Forecast 2020 report gave a trade for the 2020 election. Here it is, exactly as published in December 2019, “buy on the first Monday in November”. Simple, no mumbo-jumbo. Here is what happened… the future can be known!

We also gave short-term buy signals (in the report a year in advance) for Wheat on July 17th, Bonds on June 8th, August 18th and September 18th. For Stocks our buys were February 12th, April 18th and December 17th. Right now — grab your charts and check them out — then you tell me if the future can be known in advance.

My Report Will Give You 15 Patterns, “Known In Advance Trades”!

Get out of the dark and show you what is in store for 2021.

It is every trader’s and investor’s dream to know the future.

This report comes as close to fulfilling that dream as humanly possible.

What’s in my Forecast 2021 Report?

Some are content to forecast just the Dow Jones for next year, charging you $1,000 or MORE. My approach creates forecast roadmaps for virtually all major stock market indexes, futures and stocks throughout the world.

This year’s report is over 80 pages long. It is a complete report. Concise, yes, covering the S&P E-minis, Dow, bonds, precious metals, the grains, softs, all the major currencies, energies, stock markets of the world, and select individual stocks. Simply put, there is nothing else quite like this because this report covers all the markets. I also make projections for major stocks (Apple, Tesla, Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Amazon and more) in the Forecast 2021 Report.

What a Forecast Roadmap Looks Like

On the left (the first chart) is my forecast roadmap for IBM from my Forecast 2020 Report. On the right is how it came out.

Please note the dates are turning points. The amplitude of the red line does not indicate the size of the move.

In Addition To My Roadmaps You Will Learn All This

1. Gann Master Forecast:  I will also reveal Gann’s Master Forecast Indicator; you will be given the formula and shown what it forecast for 2020 and 2021.

2. Magic? Mentonic Cycle:  How about the Mentonic cycle? Many swear it can forecast stock prices… others swear at it. I show what it forecasted for 2020 and forecasts for 2021, so you can decide.

You will be hearing a lot about this next one in 2021.

3. Presidential Cycle with a New Twist:  The Presidential Cycle is hot on everyone’s mind. My friend Yale Hirsch was the first to write about. I’ve added a twist. This makes it even more effective in telling us when to buy — a year in advance. Politics Prevail; you should not be investing without it.

My twist solves all this year when the pattern did not hold up; by taking it to a new depth we found the real—and powerful—truth how Presidents drive stock prices…down and up.

4. Buffet/Smith Cycle:  Warren Buffet said this “Mr Smith” was “one very bright guy”. Mr Smith left us an invaluable forecasting technique. It is the springboard to all my work, so I look forward to teaching it to you in my special Forecast 2021 Report. I will show its surprisingly correct forecast for the last several years as well at what it tells us to expect in 2021.

5. Cowboy Cycle – Best Fit Pattern:  IF THE SHOE FITS, TRADE IT! Last, but not least, is a “best fit” pattern. Since “cowboys have a simple solution to just about everything”, I call this the Cowboy Cycle. It is nothing more than the best fit of the last 52 years.

6. Forecast Roadmaps for All Major Commodities & Select Stocks:  Want to know the future of Gold, or Bonds? Maybe you want to know about the energy or grain markets? You will see my 2021 forecasts for all the major commodity markets and select major actively stocks!

You will also be given forecasts for Apple, Costco, IBM, Amazon, Google, Tesla, Bitcoin, Home Depot, Visa, Anally, and a few other select stocks.

7. Forecasts For Major Stock Indexes of the World:  Get my roadmaps for Stocks in China, the DAX in Germany, the KOSPI in Korea and the Nikkei in Japan. I will also include stock market forecasts for Russia, Brazil, Italy and the UK!The Psychology Of Clicking "Buy Now"

8. Learn the Awesome Forecasting Power of the FED:  This year I will be sharing with readers my favorite tools from the Federal Reserve. Hate ‘em or Love ‘em… the FED has a panoply of little-known forecasting tools I have used for years. The have an awesome record of alerting us — in advance —to major market moves. I show my favorites and give you links so you can follow them as well.

What I hope I have accomplished in this message is to show that I have correctly forecast markets in the past. Have I missed a market or two? Yes, of course, I am not perfect. Yet, on balance, year after year, we have given people just like you an accurate road map to the future.

Will there be some that are not precise? The hard truth is that not all will be perfect because not all have been perfect in the past. I have also spent the last 12 months deep in cycle research to improve my tools and techniques; my goal is the make them “shockingly accurate”.

The majority of the forecasts have been spot-on, telling us the general time to expect market rallies and declines. That’s what matters. By and large, the history of these forecasts (I’ve been doing them now for decades) suggests we will be able to spot the most significant moves to take place and will know about them long before they happen.

Go to the BUY NOW button below to INSTANTLY receive the report. I genuinely believe this will be the best investment you can make to know the future in 2021.

In addition to doing a ton of market research I also actively trade, which means I don’t have time to promote and sell this forecast. We make an announcement and have a cutoff time. We put a time limit on it so I can get back to trading (and you don’t purchase a report after the markets have made their move).

This year that cut off is January 31st at Noon Eastern (NOT Pacific and NOT midnight – Noon). After January 31st there will be no sales of any kind past that date. Every year we turn people away. We really do limit sales. I need to get back to trading and teaching.

Be ready today for the future. Simply click and in just a few minutes, the report will be ready to download and you to will know the future, today!

Good Luck and Good Trading,
– Larry WilliamsThe Psychology Of Clicking "Buy Now"

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