Luigi Ontiveros – Wholetail Profits System
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Author: Luigi Ontiveros
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Wholetail Profits System
-Double your Assignment Fees!
-Wholesale to Retail Bank Loan Buyers!
-Without having to CLOSE on the property
-Profit on dead deals you can’t sell!
-Build your Buyer network on Autopilot
Here’s What You’ll Get:

  • Wholetail Profit Maximizer Selling System 4-Module Training ($10,497 Value)
    The 4 module system that will show you step by step what you need to do to implement the system and start listing, selling and maximizing profits!! You can literally finish the course in a few hours and implement immediately!
  • WTP necessary Clauses, contracts and forms ($997 Value)
    There are ceratin key clauses that you need to have in your agreements, and forms needed in order to successfully wholetail your deals. Everything you need is included in the forms box
  • Agent Magnet Ad (have agents looking for you) ($297 Value)
    Have agents beating down your door wanting to list your wholesale deals. You don’t need to re invent the wheel, use our copy/pase time tested ad that brings agents to you.
  • Access To My National MLS Broker ($297 Value)
    Doing deals virtually, over the phone in different markets across the US? You’ll need access to my national broker to make things easy in most USA metro markets.


  • Special Bonus 1: Access To Our In-House US quality CC Agents $10/hr ($497 Value)
    Great, you now have the system and tools to maximize profits on your deals. What if you don’t have deals? Get access to my in house trained, us quality and in house managed cold callers for a fraction of the price. They are converting right out of the box ( Limited availability)
  • Special Bonus 2: Updated Post Covid-19 Seller Marketing pieces (DM, SMS, RVM and Cold Call scripts) ($297 Value)
    What do you say to sellers in this crazy ever changing times we live in ? How do you approach them in order to get them to sell to you? Get access to my updates, direct mail piece, 10 sms messages, rvm vm drop and cold call script so you can implement Covid-19 compliant marketing.
    Total Value: $13,085The Psychology Of Clicking "Buy Now"

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