Money Making Juggernaut – Asset Recovery Course
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Course curriculum
1. Tax Overages/ Mortgage Foreclosures
– What are SurplusFunds (Video)
– What are Surplus Funds
– Mindset and what to expect
– What you need to get started
– Join the Facebook group community
– How to find list for free with google
– How to Find Surplus Funds list continued
– Using Excess Elite to get leads in the entire nation
– using real auction, realTDM and county database
– using bid4assets
– How to email the county and get list
– Email template to county
– how I stay organized and find overages
– Where should you Start?
– 50 State Statutes guide
– 10 Counties you can go after
– Tax Deed vs Tax Lien auctions
– Mortgage Foreclosure surplus 101
– 12 Mortgage foreclosure sites
– Due diligence
– How to check for liens
– Lien research
– County/Trustee Email request
– Staying organized with a CRM & Autodialer
– Talking to your client on the phone and voice mail
– Phone call script
– Getting good at calling
– Example on dealing with rebuttals
– Student Mock call
– How to Skiptrace
– Methods of Contact
– deceased claims
– 3 common mistakes and how to avoid them
– Partnership Opportunity
– What to do if there are multiple owners
– Sending Mailers with Stannp
– Mailer Worksop & Pre-foreclosure Strategy
– Ready to move forward/Intro Email
– Introductory email
– Get the AI Surplus Closer
– How to send proof to a client
– Get your agreement forms electronically signed for free
– How to find an attorney
– Notary instructions
– What you need to file a claim
– Filing out your paperwork
– Claim checklist
– Claim process flowchart
– How to always make money in surplus funds preparing packets
– Asset recovery agreement form
– Limited Power Of Attorney for an Individual
– Limited Power Of Attorney for a Company
– Re.funds payable
– AssignmentOfInterest.Asset.recovery
– cover.letter
– different routes of pursuing a claim
– Helping companies that are owed surplus
– The Blue print
– Building your website
– All counties in every states directory information
– Foreclosure.Informational.Company.Letter
– Direct Mailing
– Looking to scale?
– Surplus Funds Crash course
– Tax Overage Tracking Word
– Intro email pre foreclosure

2. Unclaimed State Funds
– What are state funds
– Unclaimed state funds course
– Useful website
– Filing process
– Agreement.form
– Cover Letter
– all state require this, if they do then use it)
– Top states you can start today!
– Call script
– Intro email
– State funds walk through

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