NFT Fresh (2021)

NFT Fresh (2021)
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NFT Fresh Video Replay
Invest. Create. Connect. Build.
NFT Fresh 2021 is a virtual conference built to bring together NFT investors, creators, community leaders, and builders.
Learn from industry leaders about where NFTs go next.
The event took place Oct. 20-22, 2021

+ DAY 1
State of the NFT Industry: Trends Report
The Future of DAOs: Tokens, Coins, Community, and Corporations
Assessing and Investing In NFTs, From Art To The Metaverse (Interview w/BoredElonMusk)
The Future of Media On The Blockchain
(Interview w/ Graeme Boy, CTO .. Mirror)
Protecting your NFTs:
Best Practices For Wallet and Marketplace Safety

+ DAY 2
Playboy’s Strategy for Collecting and Collaborating On NFTs (Interview w/ Jamal Dauda, Blockchain Innovation Playboy)
NFT Community Ownership:
The Bottom Up Effect of Community Governance
NFTs Investing:
How To Assess Art, Artists, and Community Trends
How to Grow and Manage an NFT Community
Societal Impact of NFTs: Local Community Support, Activism, and Non-Profits
The Power of NFTs for Activism
(Interview w/ Nadya Tolokonnikova of Pussy Riot)

+ Day 3
ROUNDTABLE – Ask The Metaverse
Decentralized Marketing: Brands on the Blockchain
The Merging of NFTs and Commercial Art
Not Just JPGs: Practical Use Cases for NFTs in the Real World
What Makes A Good PFP Collection? Examining The Avatar Collection Trend
About The Organizers
NFT Fresh is organized and produced by Social Fresh, the original social media conference and consultancy. Social Fresh has hosted 27 conferences since 2009. We produce no-fluff content about where business, marketing, and innovation are going next.
Past speakers include Lyft, Instagram, Starbucks, Amex, Hilton, Shopify, and more. Over 300 of the Fortune 500 have attended our conferences.
We focus on making sure every session helps our attendees learn.

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