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The Psychology Of Clicking "Buy Now"


The Brand & Packaging Design Course – A step by step, process by process video course made by big brand & packaging veteran (that’s me!) with over 10 years of agency experience. Learn how to navigate packaging projects from start to finish without the overwhelm, scary-print-feels or guesswork.
✴︎ You don’t need to be a materials wizard or a mathematician to be a brand and packaging designer.
✴︎ It’s more about creating stand-out story brands with the product at the centre…
✴︎ To help your client’s build the product based businesses of their dreams.
AND so that you can serve your client’s with those EXTRA JUICY skills and insane value whilst building an end to end killer portfolio?
What You Get:
Module 1
Learn packaging project setup from the very beginning. Discover more about the different types of client you may encounter, and which questions to ask to make sure your projects are efficient and a good fit for you. This module includes advice on structuring proposals, timelines, contract clauses and scope too. I share my project management tools, my Asana buckets and project stages.
Module 2
Discovery is more than just an enquiry call. Here you’ll learn to ask for the project specifics and most importantly, which questions you need to ask. This module is all about finding out the right information from your client at the right time and how to store and collate it; using my Notion template. Learn why and how to build a workshop into your project process and why questionnaires aren’t really the one.
Module 3
Strategy basics goes beyond regular brand strategy. Learn agency level exercises and tools which will allow you to take your client on an anti-same-same journey to demonstrate that there’s *always* another way. These tools will help you position your brand amongst the wider landscape and teach you how to tap into differentiation at the core.
Module 4
To design winning packaging, it takes way more than a cute logo. In this module, you’ll learn packaging design theory which underpins the success of any pack design. You’ll learn the principles of product families, product navigation, customer reading and how to design for store as well as online.
Module 5
Module 5 teaches design process, including my signature ‘format first’ approach. You’ll learn how to setup your design space, see my behind the scenes idea sprints and tips on presentations, mockups and prototypes. Your designs have to come from *your* genius; I show you the tools and my approach.
Module 6
Here you’ll learn the principles and regulations for back of pack; this is the stage that involves taking your concept onto cutter. Learn how how to take care of barcodes, how to setup a cutter guide and the details you need to include on pack and how they should appear. I share resources for both EU, UK and US setup.The Psychology Of Clicking "Buy Now"

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