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The Psychology Of Clicking "Buy Now"

How do I Join Peak Capital Trading?
While experienced traders with a successful history of trading in a professional environment can interview directly with the firm, successful retail traders without a trading employment history can go through Peak Capital’s Trader Bootcamp Selection Program. During the three month Bootcamp, the trader will participate in our training program, have access to our psychologists and performance coaches, and participate in Peak Capital Trading meetings.
Upon successful completion of the program, the trader earns an interview with PCT’s Leadership Team, in order to be hired as a proprietary trader for the firm. Once hired, the junior trader will trade the firm’s capital (minimum $100,000 buying power) and begin earning 50% of the monthly net P&L they are responsible for.
After a year of live trading for PCT, the trader will be eligible for an enhanced payout plan, rewarding them up to 85% of their net profits.

  • The $1495 cost to attend the Trader Selection Bootcamp includes 3-Months of DAS Trader Pro, Tradervue Journaling Software, and an intense 14-Week Technical and Psychological Training program designed to enhance your trading ability.
  • Trader Selection Bootcamp Program is for a period of 3 months.
  • DAS Trader Pro platform is provided and used for all trading.
  • Journaling required in Tradervue (provided).
  • Trader begins simulator trading with $100,000 buying power.
  • Max loss per trade $500 / Max loss per day $750 (based on Net P&L, including commissions).
  • If trader reaches daily max loss (realized or unrealized), account will be locked until the next trading day.
  • If Daily Max Loss is reached more than two times in a rolling 20 day period, reduced risk parameters may be applied to trader’s account.
  • Maximum net Draw Down from starting equity is $4000. If threshold is reached, trader is eliminated from the hiring contention.
  • Profit target of $10,000 or more over course of Trader Selection Bootcamp.The Psychology Of Clicking "Buy Now"

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