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The Psychology Of Clicking "Buy Now"


The Psychology Of Clicking "Buy Now"

What you’ll get:

  • Gain an understanding of the full spectrum of how the jaw affects the whole body
  • In-depth graphically annotated infographic and tutorials
  • Access to our private member’s forum
  • A listing on our find a trainer page (upon certification)
  • All future modules and content updates, at no extra cost
  • PDFs (worksheets, templates, case studies, and more)


To understand how your TMJ causes your neck pain you have to understand the relationship the jaw share with your body.
For the most part, TMJ dysfunction is driven by dysfunction in one or more of the muscles that keep the joint in place which affects the pressure of the disc. And when it comes to the musculoskeletal system there’s really no such thing as isolation.
The effects of the jaw on the body are rarely acknowledged in the health and fitness arena; however, their significance is great and they may serve as the missing link in your progress.
With this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify the effects of the jaw on athleticism
  • Understand the use of mouthguards as an intervention step
  • Combine theory and knowledge to assess your own jaw health
  • Improve muscular strength, power, and endurance
  • Boost balance and stability through jaw rehabilitation
  • Acquire effective strategies to alleviate TMJ-related symptoms
  • Understand the links between the tongue, teeth, and jaw
  • Identify factors involved in TMD and how they relate


1. Jaw Development:

  • From birth to adulthood
  • How the jaw and teeth develop in early infancy
  • How the TMJ acts as a sensor in the posture-brain system

2. Jaw and Posture

  • Jaw and shoulder mechanics
  • The link between the jaw and the thoracic spine
  • Sagittal plane and jaw (latest study)
  • The position of your jaw is known to have an effect on your body’s resting postural alignment
  • Learn how a combination of tongue and jaw movements can improve your training and ability to absorb oxygen
  • Identify if the jaw is the cause of the problem
  • The reflexes associated with tongue and jaw posture: e.g., Rooting Reflex.

3. Teeth and Tongue

  • Occlusion types and missing teeth: causes and effects
  • Nasal breathing and sinus development

4. Mouth Breathing vs Nose Breathing

  • Why mouth taping does not work
  • Mouth breathing: physical, mental, and emotional consequences

5. Jaw for Sports Performance (The Missing Link)

  • Learn how a combination of tongue and jaw movements can improve your training and ability to absorb oxygen
  • Critical role of the soft palate in determining oral or nasal airflow

6. Jaw and Power

  • An imbalance in your bite has repercussion on your strength
  • Anterior and posterior chain
  • The relationship between the pelvis and jaw
  • Connection between tightness/tension in the jaw muscles and the neck muscles

7. Jaw and Brain Development

  • Increased oxygen load in the prefrontal cortex
  • The hidden epidemic of shrinking jaws

8. Jaw and Sympathetic Overload

  • Nasal breathing and cardiac output
  • Inhaled nitric oxide has been shown to improving the lungs’ ability to absorb oxygen

9. Digestion and Mouth Breathing

  • The function of the mouth and its relation to digestive health
  • Occlusion types and missing teeth: causes and effects

10. Individualized Assessments

  • How to determine if the jaw is causing a postural imbalance
  • Gain an understanding of the full spectrum of the links between the jaw and posture
  • Solutions: Strategies, exercises and protocols to eliminate pain, increase strength, and improve cognitionThe Psychology Of Clicking "Buy Now"

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