Professional Trading Strategies What Real Traders Need to Succeed
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Author: Jared Wesley
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This ebook is from Live Traders and written by Jared Wesley. It’s formatted more like a powerpoint than an ebook, but it’s packed with a lot of good stuff. The course this is from is ~$2,000, which is insane, so here’s the meat of the course for free.

Also, they (Live Traders) have a YouTube channel with a lot of really useful information that supplements this book well.
The kind of information that will ACTUALLY help you become a professional trader. Many courses fill up page upon page with technical charts and nothing more. They tell you to buy here and sell there…That’s all well and good IF you plan on trading in a vacuum!! Real markets are NOTHING like a textbook. They require experience to master. PTS has bridged that gap. Not only do we discuss technical related information, but we also talk a great deal about HOW TO get filled on trades, and HOW TO avoid slippage on exits, and HOW TO handle/avoid the all-too-common emotional pitfalls. It truly is “What Real Traders Need To Succeed!
PTS covers everything from an Intro to Trading to Advanced Strategies, as well as:
* Candlestick Deep Dive
* Essential Patterns (including 3 & 4 Bar Plays, Breakouts, Retests, Wedges, etc!)
* Gaps (how to find them, rate them and trade them!)
* Premarket Charts
* Swing Trading & Core Trading
* Order Entry (Get Filled! aka how NOT to get skipped)
* Money Management
* Trade Management
* Trading Psychology

Professional Trading Strategies What Real Traders Need to Succeed: Video, PDF´s
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