Raise Your Rate Masterclass with Danny Margulies
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Raise Your Rate Masterclass is a brand new program designed to help both new and experienced freelancers earn more, while enjoying more fun and freedom from your freelancing business (whether you’re just starting out, or you’ve been at it for a while and want to do even better).

I’ll teach you everything I learned about how to raise your rate, from when I first started out as a new freelancer, going all the way up the ladder to charging hundreds of dollars per hour and getting a steady, “endless” stream of great clients.

You’ll also learn from some of my best friends and most respected colleagues whom I’ve invited to teach alongside me in Raise Your Rate Masterclass. They also happen to be some of the most successful (and highest paid) online freelancers on the planet!

1. Welcome to Raise Your Rates – Summit
2. How to double, triple, or even 10x your rate (without fear of rejection)
3. How top negotiators get more – consistently and predictably
4. What to do when clients say “Too expensive”
5. Playing offense How to bump clients to a higher price (with zero risk)
6. How to discourage haggling with my “Breadmaker Approach”
7. How to deliver price quotes that get an instant YES
8. Word-for-word script for getting a raise from an existing client
9. When all else fails How to let clients “win” a negotiation (and still earn more!)
10. Inside the Mind of the Premium Client with Chris Davis
11. Field Report – 10x-ing Income From a Single Client with Oleg Starko
12. Overcoming the Fear of “Can I Deliver” with Josh Margulies
13. From Newbie to $95hr (And Beyond) with Sharmin Sultana
14. Conquering Impostor Syndrome (to the tune of $75hr) with Daniel Throssell
15. Going From $50hr to $125hr and Up with Chris Davis
16. Rapid Rate Hacking Leaping From $25hr to $100hr with Steven Young (Part 1)
17. Rapid Rate Hacking Leaping From $25hr to $100hr with Steven Young (Part 2)
18. Scaling your freelancing business with Sharmin Sultana
19. Winning Proposal Gallery 5 proposals that won jobs at $100hr and more
20. Attracting the Right Clients at Any Level with Chris Davis
21. Successful principles from a $200hr freelancer with Daniel Throssell
22. Beyond Hourly Rate How to Earn More With Advanced Pricing Strategies with Tsavo Neal
23. Skyrocketing into the Stratosphere How to Earn $250hr, $550hr, and Even $999hr with Steven Young (Part 1)
24. Skyrocketing into the Stratosphere How to Earn $250hr, $550hr, and Even $999hr with Steven Young (Part 2)
25. Winning Proposal “Hall of Fame” 3 premium proposals that won jobs at $250hr, $598hr, and even $999hr

Raise Your Rate Masterclass with Danny Margulies Contains: Video, PDF´s
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