SaaS & Ecommerce Growth Hacks Bundle
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SaaS Growth Tactics Database – 280+ tactics used by hyper-growth startups. Never run out of tactic ideas again.
Ecommerce Growth Tactics Database – 180+ tactics used by the highest converting, fastest growing stores on the Internet
What’s inside?
280+ easily filterable tactic ideas for every step of the funnel

Get new ideas for getting more leads into your funnel.
From things that don’t scale to get your first users, to ad tactics, to website A/B test ideas, to content and SEO tactics, to unconventional ways of reaching your audience. Filter by required budget.

Help more users reach the aha moment in your product with email, in-app onboarding, psychological, and gamification tactics.
Test new ways that incentivize users to engage with your product more and help them see the value faster.

Improving retention has over 2x the impact on revenue as acquisition (based on Price Intelligently data). Find new ways to keep users coming back to your product and decrease churn.

Get new ideas for how to make existing users recommend your product to other people and make this process as efficient as possible.

Discover new tactics that will help you convert more free users to customers, increase average order value, optimize your pricing, increase the perceived value of your product, and many more.

What’s inside?
180+ easily filterable tactic ideas to grow your ecommerce store

Optimize the whole funnel
From homepage to checkout, get new tactic ideas and improve the underperforming steps of your funnel.

Real-world examples
Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Test tactics used by best-in-class ecommerce stores to create high-converting machines.

More traffic, higher conversion
Inside you’ll find: ad tactics, ideas on how to optimize your pricing, increase the perceived value of your product, decrease cart and checkout abandonment, psychological tactics, referral tactics, ideas on how to increase average order value, personalization tactics… and much more.

Need a second pair of eyes?
Get up to speed with a highly actionable teardown of your store and a prioritized list of action items.The Psychology Of Clicking "Buy Now"

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