Sales Training For Freelancers Land High Ticket Projects
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Learn how to sell your freelance services in a way that helps you land better clients and bigger projects!

What you’ll learn

The 3-Step Sales Process (for High-Ticket Projects)
Why You Suck at Selling (it’s NOT what you think!)
The ‘4-Pillars of Sales’ (and a cheatsheet)
How to Develop The Right Sales Mindset
7 Bullet-Proof Sales Techniques
Getting Clients to COMMIT to the Project
How to Pitch with ZERO Pressure
‘9 Secret Words Before the Pitch’.
Prehandling Objections Before They Arise
…and MUCH more!


This course is for Freelancers / Independent Professionals



– “Your rates are beyond our budget”

– “Thanks for sending the proposal, I’ll get back to you” (never does)

– “I have a nephew who will solve it for me”

Back in 2007 when I started freelancing, I used to get those all the time – but that was before I learned how to sell…

Hi, my name is Bruno Padilha and I’ve been freelancing for 10 years now – and I’m the first one to admit that, in the beginning, I was absolutely CLUELESS when it came to selling.

After investing a lot of time and money in courses, books and hiring a sales coach, I eventually learned how to land really good clients – and got to the point where I was working in a couple of 6-figure projects simultaneously.

Learning how to sell is what changed the game for me. And that’s why I’m so excited to be launching this course: it is all about how to sell your freelance services in a way that helps you land bigger, better clients.

The course is divided in three modules:

[MODULE 1] The Right Mindset – The concepts and principles of selling

[MODULE 2] The 3-Step Sales Process – A powerful sequence that is highly effective for high-ticket projects.

[MODULE 3] Sales Techniques to Seal the Deal – ‘Mind hacks’ based on human psychology to help you sell!


26 HD videos where you’ll learn about sales mindset, strategies and techniques that you can start using right now;

The ‘4-Pillars of Sales’ Cheatsheet that you can refer to during sales calls to make sure you’re covering all bases and greatly increase your chances of making the sale;

3 Word-by-Word Scripts that you can use to book your leads in for a consulting call, what to say in that consulting call, and how to pitch.

BONUS VIDEO: ‘9 Words Before the Pitch’. I’ll teach you the exact wording you can use to seamlessly transition from having a nice conversation with a potential client to the actual pitch (with zero pressure). It’s just 9 words!

7 Bullet-Proof Sales Techniques that are based on human psychology and work like MAGIC. These are the same techniques that I teach in my $4,000 private coaching program.

Who this course is for:

Freelancers who want to develop their sales skills to land better clients and bigger projects.

Sales Training For Freelancers Land High Ticket Projects: Video, PDF´s
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