Secret Sourcing – Find, source, & import ANY product
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The Psychology Of Clicking "Buy Now"
The New Physical Product Opportunity
Physical Products are the single greatest opportunity to fire your boss and FINALLY release the Secret Entrepreneur inside… so you can take back control and own your future… without having to jump in at the deep end and quit your job… (until you’re ready of course!)
A once in a generation opportunity
There’s never been a better time to build a business that finally releases the secret entrepreneur… And gives you real freedom
Learn our 7-step secret sourcing method
The 7-step method to find, source, & import any product… from anywhere in the world.
In Secret Sourcing you’ll learn our easy-to-follow approach… to discover hot selling products… find, validate, and negotiate the lowest price with high quality reliable suppliers… AND… ensure your product is safely and quickly shipped across the world.
What we’ve learnt over the last 10 years… is no matter what product we’re sourcing… it can be broken down into the SAME 7 steps.
We’ve refined this over the years… and now have it perfected… with each of the steps broken down into easy-to-follow chunks. So we know EXACTLY what to do next… and make sure NO important steps are missed, or ANY expensive mistakes made.
In Secret Sourcing… you’ll learn our easy-to-follow approach to…
Discover hot selling products…
Find, validate, and negotiate the lowest price with high quality reliable suppliers
AND… ensure your product is safely and quickly shipped across the world!
The best part… is it can be repeated as often as you like… to take a product from just an idea… through to being made… and on sale to customers.
Secret Sourcing walks you through our step-by-step method FROM START TO FINISH… and gives you a CLEAR ACTION PLAN… and EVERYTHING you need… to GET STARTED & SOURCE YOUR FIRST PRODUCT.
Become a MASTER at Sourcing HOT-SELLING Products…
We Reveal Our Best Tactics… Tips… And Tricks
Here’s just a few of our best tactics… tips… and tricks… we’ve learnt over 10+ years of sourcing… we reveal for the first time… inside the Secret Sourcing Training…

  • The Vital Info you need to know… about Sourcing Products… Importing… & International Shipping
  • Our 10 Golden Rules of Sourcing… and 7 Rookie Mistakes to Avoid
  • 4 Smart Tactics to Find HOT SELLING Products
  • 7 Methods to Find RELIABLE Suppliers for ANY Product
  • 22 Ideas to Make YOUR Product BETTER than the Competition
  • 7 Strategies to Negotiate a Lower Price
  • The ONE THING to do when placing the Order… to MAKE SURE they deliver EXACTLY what you want
  • + much… much… much more…The Psychology Of Clicking "Buy Now"

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