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The Psychology Of Clicking "Buy Now"
How it’s possible to grow a small account even in a market downtrend
Let’s be honest. Most traders struggle to be consistently profitable. So they find it incredibly difficult to grow smaller accounts in volatile futures markets.
And yet the futures markets offer unparalleled opportunities for dramatic gains. Many blame the volatility but that’s not the real problem. So, why are they really struggling to grow their PnL?
Here’s the simpler answer. Without the “know-how” to scale small account growth, even experienced traders can suffer big losses. That’s why Joe Rokop decided to share his Small Account Futures growth formula.
It’s designed to achieve consistent and rapid account growth even in volatile conditions. In fact, Joe’s generated astonishing gains in up and down markets.
For example, take a look at this quick NQ setup…
Did you notice how long it took to catch this in a downtrend?
Most times, traders would run and panic at the sight of a market downtrend. But I think you’ll be surprised at what’s possible when you follow an objective, logical system when everyone else is freaking out.
Get the proven formula that scaled a $10k account into $303k
The market’s always changing, which will put many trading strategies to the test. Unfortunately, most strategies can’t maintain growth because they’re only able to work when the markets go a certain way.
That’s why Simpler Trading’s Joe Rokop wants to share his proven formula for consistent growth with you. As Managing Director of Commodities & Equities, he’s known for his PnL growth formulas like how he scaled his $10K into $303K in just 5 months.
This is your opportunity to take advantage of market volatility, up, down, and any other environment that might come your way.
In this step-by-step training you’ll discover:
How Joe’s average win is double the average loss (by design)
Why trading with a small futures account formula is important NOW
How Joe consistently takes advantage of market volatility
How to systematically scale a smaller futures account rapidly
How to set objective targets that maximize profit potential while limiting risk
The essential “Small Account Trinity” and why Joe won’t trade without it
Small Account Futures Class
This training is the blueprint behind Joe’s consistent small account growth. Why are small accounts so important to Joe? It’s the starting line for people who want to trade. And this blueprint is designed to help traders grow their accounts quickly and safely.
Joe’s goal is to share his exact formula for rapidly growing a futures account starting with as little as $500 – even in a downtrending market. His background in engineering allowed him to create a system of operations for almost any market situation.
What’s Joe doing that’s different from other traders?
Using his 15+ years of experience, Joe managed to rapidly scale his $10k futures into $303k with the help of his proven formula. That’s a 30X return in just 154 trading days.
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Joe Rokop
E-Learning Module
Also part of this package is the E-Learning Module. All the important sections of the course are presented in video modules that are organized into specific training topics.
Like all recorded sections of this package, you can watch, study, and watch again everything the course has to offer from anywhere you have internet access — your phone, tablet, and computer.
Your course is available on demand for your convenience.
Bonus: Recorded Pre Class Live Trading
Live trading sessions normally take place after strategy class sessions but Joe wanted to do something special. That’s why we’re offering this bonus pre-recorded live trading session to everyone. Want to watch a recording of what Joe’s formula can do before you take the class?
If the answer is yes, you should definitely check out this bonus trading session. Think of it as a delicious appetizer to the main trading course.
Two Pro Recorded Live-Trading Days
This is your opportunity to watch a recorded trading session with Joe Rokop. We believe there’s no better way to deepen your understanding of Joe’s Strike Zone than to watch him as he looks for potentially big winning setups. .
Watching Joe’s trading sessions offer the fastest way to “make these tools your own” because you get to immediately watch him apply his strategy in real market conditions. As always, our informal goal is to strive to make enough profit to more than pay for your investment in your tools (obviously, no promises).
Strategy Class + E-Learning Module + Bonus: Recorded Pre Class Live Trading + 2 Days Recorded Pro Live Trading + 2 Days Recorded Elite Live Trading + Strike Zone Mastery (Quarterly) renews at $597
If you’re ready to go “all in” and get the maximum trading time, the Elite Package is for you. You get a total of 4 pre-recorded sessions which can allow you the additional opportunity to watch Joe’s trades play out in the market.
If you’re not convinced yet that the Elite package is the best choice for you, check this out…
Strike Zone Mastery
Missing the point of entry causes traders to not only miss out on finding potentially big winning trades, many also expose themselves to a substantial amount of risk. That’s why Joe Rokop created the Strike Zone method. He’s determined to help traders sharpen their skills by using his versatile entry signals to catch consistent returns while calculating risk.
Follow Joe’s “Strike Zone” setups in real-time. Become a member to attend a Q&A and join for a live trading session each month. The Mastery includes:
Live Trading
Monthly interactive live-trading sessions with Joe Rokop
Instant Real-Time Alerts
Follow Joe’s trades in real-time without watching the markets all day
Updated Trade Spreadsheet
Members can follow Joe’s positions from entry to exit
And so much more…
The Strike Zone Mastery is for traders looking to consistently grow their accounts with a trading plan that works best with their lifestyle. This program is designed to demonstrate how Joe manages account growth before, during, and after market shifts. This is for any trader looking to make massive returns and consistent gains in any market condition.The Psychology Of Clicking "Buy Now"


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