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What you’ll learn
At the end of my course, you will be able to increase your occupancy rate, gain regular guests, obtain awesome feedback for your Hotel, B&B, Motel or Apartment. You will be able to lure ore potential guests to your website and increase your direct bookings. Thus, you will decrease the commission payable to Online Travel Agencies. You will be able to draw much more attention to your business. Once you started using these new marketing strategies, you will see that your fans, potential new guests, and regular guests will do the rest for your successful promotion.
I will invite you to my special Hotel Group where you can share your hotel website, ask for reviews, receive feedback on your marketing strategies and next business moves. You can even establish new business relationships to expand your business.
You will learn everything you need to know to market your own hotel/accommodation.
You should be able to use social media platforms, open PDFs and spreadsheets
Have you ever wanted to increase your direct bookings to minimise the commissions payable to your Online Travel Agencies? Have you ever wanted to keep more liquidity in your pockets so that you can renovate your accommodation or even expand your business?
Gaining more reservations through your website and via phone calls or emails is your key to make more profits. Period. At the moment you are receiving many reservations through booking, hrs or Expedia. What would happen to your whole business when you turn that scale around so that more reservations come in through your own booking button? What could you do with the extra money? Where would you invest it?
Perhaps, it is difficult for you to envision this thought, but let me assure you that you too can switch the weight of the scale for the better. The path exists, and it is up to you to keep on walking.
There are two main options to walk the path to increase your direct bookings.
1st option
You do a lot of research. You start figuring out how to increase your direct bookings by yourself. You try out various methods until you find the right strategies that fit you and make a difference in your business.
2nd option
You save a lot of precious time and look for a coach that did research, tried various methods and explores only the ones that make the most sense for any accommodation business. That is where I come in.
I am a hotel and apartment owner in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. I created the Pimp My Hotel Course that teaches you how to establish and manage a hotel to gain regular guests, gain excellent reviews, make your guests love your services and do word-of-mouth marketing for you.
Upon the massive request of my students and the success of the Pimp My Hotel course, I created the Viral Direct Booking Method Course, that explicitly dives into how to increase your direct booking through social media marketing.
Let me ask you how you would feel if you had the chance to get to know how to amplify the source stream of gaining direct bookings for your business. Imagine you have proven know-how available that teach you how to maximise the essence of doing social media marketing for your accommodation business. Do you believe profound marketing knowledge on that specific topic could change the way you manage your business so that it becomes even more successful than it is right now?
If you believe that how-to knowledge and step-by-step guidelines support you to increase your direct bookings (these are the same methods that I use for my businesses), then let me list some of the benefits that this course holds for you
Every single day you will know what to post on your social media platforms. There is no need to ponder and dismantle your mind anymore. I know how it is to sit there and ask yourself, “what I can post today, tomorrow or even in a week?” These moments were painful, and I wasted a lot of precious time. Believe me when I tell you that there are ways to come up with captivating posts that are available every single day.
Your GAINS: By posting consistently on social media platform you will automatically gain more followers, likes, and shares. By posting interesting and exciting content, you will stand out and become more attractive.
Your fan base will grow and so will your likes, shares, and reservations.
Your GAINS: The more you post creative and meaningful posts, the more attraction you gain, the more people are willing to share your message with the world.
By adopting the methods explored in the course, your direct bookings will grow.
Your GAINS: Your upcoming bills payable to your OTAs will be lower than before. You will have more money available. You will be able to start a guest relationship right at the first contact with your new guests. The doors to more freedom and flexibility regarding your business development will finally be opened.
Your followers will realize that you are different than other accommodation businesses due to the unique marketing strategies that you are using to gain new reservations.
Your GAINS: People do not only want to stay in your accommodation, but they want to meet you. You will inspire your fans by your methods and way of doing business.
There are more benefits I could mention right now; however, let me tell you about The Direct Booking Incubator – As soon as you start using these strategies, you will receive excellent reviews and at the same time obtain many more direct reservations. This is a strategy I am very proud of to share with you. The Direct Booking Incubator will uplift your business. The guests that participate will enjoy it as well. It is a solution where everyone benefits.
To sum it up: If you are ready to breakthrough with your social media accounts for your accommodation, then do not waste precious time and put your head in the game. The provided methods in this course will increase your direct bookings. You will gain more attention, and more people will start talking about you. Your fans will share your messages, and your booking button/website will be viewed more often. If you want more success, then go and get it. It is all there for you. You just have to grab it.
Also, when you buy the course, you get instant LIFETIME ACCESS to all the training materials. Thus, you can absorb all the information at your own pace and check back as many times as you like.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Welcome To Viral Direct Booking Method
Lecture 2 Reservations Through Facebook
Lecture 3 Social Media Platform Part 1
Lecture 4 Social Media Platform Part 2
Lecture 5 Facebook Groups – When, Why and How to use them
Lecture 6 Email Addresses – Your Gold List
Lecture 7 Accommodation Video – iMovie it’s coming
Lecture 8 Accommodation Presentation – Keynote it’s coming
Lecture 9 Social proof & trust for your business
Lecture 10 How to get from A to B
Lecture 11 Accommodation Updates
Lecture 12 Infographics
Lecture 13 Facebook Challenge
Lecture 14 Prize Wheel
Lecture 15 Raffle + more added value
Lecture 16 Your accommodation Blog
Lecture 17 Increase of Occupancy & Direct Bookings
Lecture 18 Hotel Video Presentation
Lecture 19 Bonus 1 – Your Accommodation on iOS & Android
Lecture 20 Bonus 2 – Increase Your Sales
Lecture 21 Congratulations
This course is made for newbies, hotel/accommodation owners, hotel managers, hotel staff passionate to contribute to the hotel business and for everyone who is interested in hotel marketing. In this course you gain the knowledge * How to increase direct bookings through social media platforms * How to obtain reservations through Facebook * How to have a post ready for every single day in a year * How to lure more visitors to your own website and gain new bookings * How to increase the number of requests for available rooms via tel.,mail, booking engine * How to create an impressive presentation of your accommodation business * How to create Facebook challenges to excite fans and obtain bookings * How to use a price wheel in your accommodation that your guests won’t forget * How to increase the traffic to your own website * How to make your accommodation and your service look extraordinary * How to increase share and likes of your posts * How to become unique with these unique marketing strategies There is so much input you will obtain as soon as you join my course. You will learn everything you need to know to market your accommodation business. This profound knowledge will uplift your marketing strategies. You will start to love all the social media tools provided to us and soon you will connect the dots. You will combine different platforms with each other and gain even more exposure on the net. Your guests will do word-of-mouth marketing for you. I am a crosswalker. I’ve studied business management, marketing and finance. I haven’t studied anything to do with the hospitality industry. The only experience I’ve had with hotels has come from being a guest to hotels myself. When I opened my first hotel, I immediately received great feedback and I even gained regular guests from day one. During the time I made changes, implemented strategies, tried new tools and sooner or later figured out what was really necessary to succeed in the complex and tough business. I guess I see issues from a different perspective and I like to come up with solutions that are really not common at all. With my own implemented strategies and tools, I am now able to expand.

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