Stock Trading Swing Trading Stocks & Playing Options Course
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Guide to basics to intermedia concepts to learn how to trade Stocks
What you’ll learn
Learn to swing trade
Learn how to trade stocks
Open a stimulated stock account
Learn terms and how to read charts
Learn basics and advanced concepts
Learn basics of Stock Options
Open a stimulated paper money account highly suggested
As someone who played the market and won and lost a lot of money I am going to save you a huge amount of cash by teaching you what I know. Learn from my mistakes, my successes and how to master the world’s largest casino otherwise known as the stock market.
Not just learn theory watch and learn how I risk big money and see the actual results from 4 years of active trading with biggest success in 2019 wining nearly $10,000 dollars. Watch and learn how I play with real money, playing with stocks, and options.
What you will learn…
Start with the basics create an account
Learn where to play with paper money
Learn essential concepts and strategies
How to research stocks and do analysis
Watch and learn how to Swing Trade
Put the odds in your favor of playing the stock market, in this course I will guide you from how to create a paper money account which I highly recommend you master before you play with real money. After you open a stimulation account you can then learn the terminology, how to swing trade stock and start playing the game.
This course will get your feet wet in one of the most fascinating ways to make money in the world. A professional otherwise known as day trading. Please note this professional is not for everyone and 95% of all who attempt it been known to lose everything! That said the 5% who do make it do make a living doing just that.
I cannot promise you amazing returns and anyone who says that is lying. No one knows what the future might hold especially when it comes to something as unpredictable as the stock market. That said learning from the past, learning to read charts and understanding the mechanics of the stock market will give you greater ability to beat the odds.
See you on the inside,
Who this course is for:
Newbies and intermediate students who would like to learn about Stock Trading
Take this course if you want to learn about how to swing trade stocks by using stimulated paper money or just learn how to swing trade stocks
DISCLAIMER: This course is for educational purposes only not intended for actual stock advice. If you want to invest in stocks please consult a certified stock market professional

Stock Trading Swing Trading Stocks & Playing Options Course: Video, PDF´s
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