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The Next Big Short (Risk Twist Spreads) Class brought to you by Theo Trade is an ideal course helping you to sharpen and develop the trading skills by diving deep in the useful knowledge about the risk eliminating aspect.
By enrolling in this course, you see how the top experts deal with the chaos of the trading market, and their advanced brain cells allowing them to figure out many excellent methods for dealing with the bad or unexpected issues. Via the course’s learning process, you will be rewarded for many common risks and mistakes while process trading, along with the techniques on how to point out the signs in order to predict exactly the upcoming events by looking at the market and world’s status.
At the end of this The Next Big Short (Risk Twist Spreads) Class, you will learn and get through the techniques and principles to face the bad problems in trading with confidence, being able to protect and extend the profits and monthly income successfully.
What will you learn in this class?
Taking part in this The Next Big Short (Risk Twist Spreads) Class, you will be led through the advanced techniques and proven strategies used by top trading experts to avoid the risks and other drawback issues confidenty. At the cutting-edge, the new comprehensive picture about trading involving the market volatility and the price movement will open both your eyes and mindset wider, allowing you to observe this industry and the processed trading into this with a deep and intelligent glance. The course mentor will walk you through the principles and methods, also introducing you to several powerful specialized tools as the best supporter for you in the trading game.
For each registrant of this course, you will receive several supporting materials to ensure that you are able to catch up the flow of course’s syllabus, and consume the whole given information in order to apply it in your personal cases perfectly. Those materials are the easy-to-follow lectures, apparently explanations of specialized terms, and the Q&A section with course mentors.
Here is the detailed course’s outline that you will learn when participating in the The Next Big Short (Risk Twist Spreads) Class:

  • Options 101: The basics and beyond – 5 part series
  • Options 201: Vertical and calendar spreads essentials class
  • Options 301: Volatility essentials
  • High probability trading with in/out spreads
  • Guide to selling high probability spreads
  • Small account options trading workshop with Doc Severson
  • Sell premium and minimize your risk
  • Survive and thrive in extreme volatility
  • Covered calls: Income generation for your stocks
  • Guide to getting short and collecting income
  • Technical analysis 201: from chart setups to trading execution methodology class
  • 5 essential building blocks to successful trading workshop
  • Ichimoku cloud trading system class
  • An so on

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