The One(der) System – Man’s Guide to Getting Your 100% Perfect Girl
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This system is completely set up to get you the type of long term girlfriend that you aspire to – what Mehow calls your ‘one(der) girl’. A play on words, as its popular to talk about your search for “The One” girl that fits you and you’ll fall deeply in love with (also known as your soul mate).

It’s good to see a product that focuses on this goal as this is exactly what most guys want, and this is a good attempt to put all the pieces you need in one box.
Keep in mind that this is an ambitious goal for one product and it’s also the first attempt I’ve seen – hope to see more products like this.
The overall strategy and approach for getting a girlfriend in this program is solid. It outlines a mature and effective step by step process that will work if you put the time into it. Don’t expect it to be easy of course – it takes work and so it should.
What makes it stand out is that it integrates concepts like social skills (aka social circle game) and steadily building a solid relationship with the girl you are interested in. Mehow spends quite a bit of time talking about the things you shouldn’t do that could jeopardize having a solid relationship with her – this is just as important as telling you what to do.
Something to keep in mind is also that the system is aimed at getting high quality girls with lots of options. So it emphasizes the need for things like jealousy which are less necessary and can even mess up your chances if used with less challenging or ‘in demand’ women. Using jealousy needs to be calibrated to the girl, but Mehow doesn’t discuss calibrating to the girl sufficiently. It’s the one area of weakness in his approach that could use more information to make it easier to implement.
Tackles the Tricky Situations that May be Involved when You Want that One Girl
On a practical note, the system is set up with the intention of giving you the best chance of getting the one girl you want (rather than getting any girl). So it uses an approach that will avoid rejection and give you a higher probability of getting that one girl. It uses concepts like social circles and approach invitations to engineer this.
Typical dating advice tells you not to focus too much on any one girl – and explains that there is an element of playing the odds with dating as well. This system goes against that trend because it is set up for you to get the one girl you are really interested in no matter the situation. So instead of telling you to avoid the difficult situations and move on to a new girl, it gives you advice to make the best of the situation.
Typically this involves steps to take to minimize the problems (e.g. rejection and social repercussions) and some rules to follow.
Example situations include where your girl has been a long time friend that doesn’t think of you romantically, your ex-girlfriend or someone you work with or the girl has a boyfriend already.
The advice was all spot on for these situations – excellent.
Solid Mature Relationship Skills Advice
Once you have your girl, you have still got to keep her. Module 4 of the program discusses relationship skills, conflict management and the day to day of what makes the relationship compelling for both of you so you stay together.
Overall this contained a lot of quality advice that will make a big difference in your ability to keep the relationship and make it a good experience for both of you.
While there wasn’t a ton of detail, or lots of relationship theory here, Mehow manages to cover most of the important ‘action items’. It is solid mature advice that works, and to date I haven’t seen anything as comprehensive in the practical relationship skills area – great work.

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