The Ultimate Man – Realms Of Preeminence
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The Perfect Blueprint To Be The Ultimate Man In All Possible Realms
” The Ultimate Man ”
You immediately picture men who you look upto when you hear this word , don’t you?
He is a man who gets what he wants.
He is a man who attract what he wants.
He is a man who subverts God’s will in order to achieve what he wants.
He who has preeminence ( the ability of surpassing all others; superiority. )
And you know how he became ” The Ultimate Specimen Of Human Species ” that everyone look upto ?
By mastering these 5 crucial realms and prospects :
– Physical – Body Language Prospect
– Financial Prospect
– Fashion / Looks Prospect
– Seduction Prospect
– And lastly he is aware about the female psychology , he knows all the ” why’s ” and ” what’s ” when it comes to women
Now what really is The Ultimate Man ?
It is a collection of five books I wrote that aim to vanquish these 5 realms:
1 ) The First Realm Covers The Ultimate Guide To Aesthetic Physique
2 ) The Second Realm Covers The Ultimate Fashion Guide
3 ) The Third Realm Covers The Ultimate Business Guide
4 )The fourth Realm covers The Ultimate Game
5 ) The Fifth Realm Is The Ultimate S3X Folk

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