Thomas J. Leonard – Simply Brilliant – 1800 Success Tips and Life Lessons from America’s Top Personal and Business Coaches
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“What is wisdom today?
Is wisdom a set of principles or laws?
Does wisdom come to the lucky individual with
good genes and smart memes?
Does wisdom come from a group with special
access to “the truth?”
Or, is wisdom something that is alive, constantly
developing and evolving as we humans evolve?
Perhaps we’ll never know. In fact, to study wisdom is
perhaps to restrict it. I think I’d rather just benefit from
wisdom, whatever its source. What you’ll be enjoying in
these pages is the collective wisdom (I suppose that term is
redundant — I mean, how can wisdom be anything other
than collective?) of dozens of personal and professional
coaches who trained at Coach U. These coaches have come
from virtually all personal and professional backgrounds:
business consultants, therapists, attorneys, physicians,
ministers, writers, educators and more. You name it and
they’ve been there. What they bring with them is what
they’ve learned in their own experience — and what they’ve
learned from clients. In fact, coaches have coached over
1,000,000 individuals worldwide since the profession got its
start in 1988 when I began training the first 12 coaches
via Coach U.
One of these first coaches was Sandy Vilas, who is now the
owner and CEO of Coach U, the worldwide leader in
coach training. I am grateful to the coaches who
generously shared their wisdom with us in these pages.”
First page: (so you get the idea what the book is about and how exactly It was written)
“I Have Learned…
… that my present is perfect.
… that any two people are not well-matched unless
they have comparable amounts of courage plus a
well-matched desire for change.
… that my body can sense the incongruity of someone’s
actions not reflecting their words.
… that we find God through truth.
… that coaches do not fix problems; they support
people who are ready to own their lives.
… that no life accomplishment is worth anything in the
absence of relationships.
… that the voices that whisper messages of doubt are
outside our minds, apart from who we truly are.
… that the mirror doesn’t lie.
… that if you put enough of the right structures in place,
you will move forward more effortlessly.
… that great coaches can articulate in twenty-five words or
less their coaching gifts.
… that the heaviest thing in the world may not be an
element after all, but an attitude — apathy.
… not to lend or invest any more money than I can
afford to lose.
… to enjoy life’s moments and to release them
lovingly as they pass.
… to turn off the radio while I drive to allow my mind to
bask in the silence.”

Thomas J. Leonard – Simply Brilliant – 1800 Success Tips and Life Lessons from America’s Top Personal and Business Coaches: Video, PDF´s
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