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The Psychology Of Clicking "Buy Now"


The Psychology Of Clicking "Buy Now"
Course Overview
Behavioral finance is the study of these and hundreds of other financial decision-making errors that, if we are aware of the biases that produce them, may be avoided. The TLM Playbook 2022 by Launch Pass examines these predictable mistakes and identifies where we are most vulnerable to them. This course is designed to help participants make better financial decisions and learn how to make better future spending, saving, and investment decisions.
Also, you’ll discover the fundamental concepts behind the psychology of decision making under risk and uncertainty, with an emphasis on practical applications for individuals in charge of managing assets and building portfolios for investment customers.
Course outline
Content Discussion: Biohacking, Mindfulness, Ego & Expectations, Mental Capital and Bandwidth

  • Core Fundamental Beliefs
  • Self Awareness in Trading
  • Introduction to the Trader Lifestyle & Incorporating Stoicism
  • Mental Capital & Bandwidth
  • Important Common Cognitive & Emotional Flaws
  • Trading Psychology
  • Biohacking and Trading 101

What will you learn?

  • Behavioral finance, how it varies from traditional finance, and how it affects financial markets.
  • The most frequent self-deception biases, their sources, and viable preventative methods.
  • The real-life examples, learn about cognitive biases and their basic causes.
  • The most frequent emotional biases and provide instances of their causes.
  • The loss aversion and the biases that contribute to it.
  • The herding effect and other social dynamics that influence decision-making.The Psychology Of Clicking "Buy Now"

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