Weight Loss Without Willpower
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Learn to program your subconscious mind to dissolve the barriers that have prevented you from sustainable weight loss
What you’ll learn
How to recognise 3 important WHYs – WHY you want to lose weight, WHY you don’t want to lose weight, and WHY you won’t let yourself keep the weight off!
How you’ve been unconsciously programming yourself for failure.
How to programme your subconscious mind for sustainable weight loss success.
How to re-wire automatic behaviour and break the spiral of yo-yo dieting.
Insights, self-awareness, mind tools and techniques to change your mindset forever.
You’re ready to sustainably and healthily lose weight.
Learn how to use the power of your subconscious mind to dissolve the barriers that have been preventing you from achieving sustainable weight loss success.This course goes beyond the conventional weight loss and motivation courses. It represents a transformative approach that sheds light on your unconscious patterns that have been contributing to past weight loss failures.As a Clinical Hypnotherapist specialising in Weight Management, I bring years of experience working with the subconscious mind – a crucial factor in either supporting or hindering your weight loss journey.Throughout this course, I guide you in recognising how you’ve unintentionally programmed your subconscious negatively, and I provide you with the insights, understanding, language & resources to change all that.Our thoughts are a catalyst for self-perpetuating cycles: They’re a trigger for repeated negative or positive patterns! This course explains how the impact of past thoughts and behaviours have confined you to a cycle of unmet expectations and it delivers you an awareness of your ability to effect powerful change. Simply relying on willpower can lead to decision fatigue and lack of resolve so the course is offering you ways of reframing your mindset in order to restore emotional power to your food choices.We delve into the realm of the subconscious mind, I show you how to reprogramme it, and together, we elevate your awareness and unlock the potential of your mind to create a lasting and sustainable transformation in your weight and shape.Also, this doesn’t stop at weight loss, you can use the same dynamic techniques to positively change other areas in your life as well!So what are you waiting for?Note – this is not a diet – but you can use the techniques it teaches you with any diet in the world, or no diet at all if you prefer to simply eat the healthy foods you enjoy and still lose weight but at a slower pace.I encourage you to join my Facebook Group, ‘Weight Loss Without Willpower’ – I give weekly Lives and you can post any questions you may have about the course.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 How the Course Works
Lecture 2 Introduction to the Course
Lecture 3 Course Overview
Lecture 4 Who Am I?
Lecture 5 In Summary
Section 2: Resources
Lecture 6 Weekly Planner
Lecture 7 Eating the Alphabet
Lecture 8 Meditation
Section 3: Modules
Lecture 9 Housekeeping
Lecture 10 Module 1 – Your Whys and Why Nots
Lecture 11 Module 2 – Success
Lecture 12 Module 3 – Goals & Strategies – Get SMART
Lecture 13 Module 4 – Visualisation
Lecture 14 Module 5 – Strategic Reflection
Lecture 15 Module 6 – Language
Lecture 16 Module 7 – Movement & Exercise
Lecture 17 Module 8 – Affirmations
Lecture 18 Module 9 – Triggers
Lecture 19 Module 10 – Managing Boredom
Lecture 20 Module 11 – Self Talk
Lecture 21 Module 12 – Planning & Prepping for Nutrition
Lecture 22 Module 13 – Self Reflection
Lecture 23 Module 14 – Intermittent Fasting
Lecture 24 Module 15 – Eating The Alphabet
Lecture 25 Module 16 – Are You Hungry or Thirsty?
Lecture 26 Module 17 – The Scales
Lecture 27 Module 18 – Sleep
Lecture 28 Module 19 – Cravings
Lecture 29 Module 20 – Intentions
Lecture 30 Module 21 – Accountability
Lecture 31 Module 22 – Willpower
Lecture 32 Module 23 – 6 Mind Hacks to Trick Your Thinking
Section 4: Wrapping it all up
Lecture 33 Wrapping it all up
You’ve realised that the key to your lack of success lies in your mindset.,You’ve realised that simply relying on willpower, discipline and self-control isn’t the answer.,You’re fed up with the repetitive cycle of yo-yo dieting.,You feel you’ve tried every diet and fad under the sun and you’re still not the weight & shape you want to be.


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