Your Successful Presentation
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You make the difference! Present Authentically and Professionally (Online or Face to Face)
What you’ll learn
Success factors for a successful presentation
Convince the participants with your authenticity
Strong stage fright? Learn how to use it positively
Optimal use of verbal and non-verbal communication
Turning those affected into participants – opportunities for interaction
Get the key elements for constructive feedback
First own presentation experiences can be helpful
For optimal practice purposes: have your own presentation ready (the topic of the presentation is up to you)
Presentations – accompany us almost every day and it is hard to imagine our lives without them. A topic that has accompanied me for years and a topic to which I would like to give my attention on Udemy.Have you already asked yourself how to define presentations? A quote from the internet says the following:”It is considered a purposeful communication method that can integrate both verbal and visual elements to convey complex information, shape opinions, or promote discussion. The purpose of a presentation can vary depending on context and goals.” Considering the quote, presentations are supposed to help us grow, develop and create improvement.Perfect, isn’t it? …but at the same time a challenging and responsible task for the presenter.High professionalism and differentiated skills are required from the presenter.These are competencies that can be learned, trained, and specified to meet your needs.In this course you will receive a variety of practical tips for your next successful presentation:Use your preparation time effectivelyCreate an overview and learn structuring, integrating and social skills.Create a presentation atmosphere in which even difficult topics can be dealt with constructively.In this course I go into different communication methods. I explain how you can use stylistic devices to give your future presentations a rhetorical framework.This topic requires practical experience in addition to theoretical input. For this reason I have integrated 2 exercises in this course. So you will have your first learning successes directly at home.As a nutritional consultant, solution-finding and decision-making coach and employee of a world-leading service company for telecommunication technologies, I am pleased to be able to accompany you on your individual and personal path of further development.I welcome you to this course.Sunny greetingsKatrin Kockot
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Section 2: Exercise I – Give a Presentation
Lecture 2 Explanation of the task
Section 3: Success Factor: Preparation of the Presentation
Lecture 3 Content Preparation
Lecture 4 Organizational Preparation
Lecture 5 Mental Preparation
Lecture 6 Tips against stage fright
Section 4: With conviction to your best Presentation
Lecture 7 When do people appear convincing?
Section 5: Motivated Start, Perform and Finish
Lecture 8 How can I get into a presentation?
Lecture 9 What is there to consider in the implementation?
Lecture 10 What is there to look for in a good closing?
Section 6: Optimal use of verbal and non-verbal communication
Lecture 11 Successful use of the most important communication tools
Section 7: Interaction – Turning participants into stakeholders
Lecture 12 What are the interaction options?
Section 8: Successful handling of a wide range of disruptions
Lecture 13 Collection of ideas for dealing with disruptions in a confident manner
Section 9: Exercise II – Give a presentation again
Lecture 14 Explanation of the task
Section 10: Constructive feedback is a gift
Lecture 15 Golden rules for receiving and distributing feedback
… who already have first presentation experiences,… who want to become professional in handling a presentation,… who want to make the difference at the next business meeting,… who want to inspire authentically with conviction,… who need to present confidently online or in front of an audience,… who have a desire for personal development

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